The Proof of Systemic Election Fraud is Shocking


The Audit of Maricopa County, Arizona’s 2020 Election results is objectively incomplete. However, a hearing was held by Arizona Senate President Karen Fann, so that she and the public could receive a briefing on the preliminary results and explore the difficulties that the Maricopa County Board of Commissioners have created by refusing to cooperate with subpoenas. Even with preliminary results available at this time, the proof of systemic election fraud is irrefutable.

Representing the audit team were Cyberninjas CEO Doug Logan, CyFIR founder Ben Cotton who presented forensic findings, and Senate Liason Ken Bennett. The data presented was absolutely devastating.

The Preliminary, Shocking Election AuditResults

As we review the preliminary findings of the audit, it’s crucial to remember one thing: according to Politico, the election in Arizona was decided by 10,457 votes over Trump, a 0.3% margin. When you’ve continually heard that there was no “meaningful” electoral fraud or that the amounts “wouldn’t impact” the election, remember that number: 10,457 votes.

Let’s take it from the top:

  • SharpieGate 2.0- BeckerNews reported, “The Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan revealed a number of alarming ballot issues. Many of the ballots had “bleed through” and printer calibration issues. Logan said there were  “roughly 160,000” ballots-on-demand in Maricopa County on Election Day. These ballots were unlikely to be ‘Vote Safe’ by using standardized paper for elections.”
  • The Election System WAS Breached- As the previous reporting in December 2020 indicated, Maricopa County confirmed that their election system was in fact breached. The GOP Times reported, “The county has accepted that as an unauthorized breach. Because they actually issued a letter to a small subset of the voters who were affected by the breach and they issued that in January of 2021. In that letter, they acknowledged that there was unauthorized access to the server in November 2021.”
  • BASIC System Security Procedures Were Not Followed- Mr. Cotton unleashed the brutal assessment that Anti-virus malware definitions and Windows updates had not been performed on the election system computers since August 2019.
    • “The last time that the antivirus was updated on these systems was the date that the Dominion software was installed on the systems. That happens to be August of 2019. There have been no Operating system updates or patches on this system since that same date. What that creates is a tremendous vulnerability to anyone who could get access through a system. Such as, if for example, the registration server was serving as a ‘jump box’ in other words it was dual networked so it was public-facing and also private facing into the election system. If someone accessed that system they would have no difficulty at all effectively penetrating and getting system-level access at the current patch state and antivirus state of these systems.”

“The vulnerabilities that exist on these systems would take an average script kiddie less than 10 minutes to get access to these systems.” Cotton told the Senate Hearing.

  • More Mail-In Ballots Were Received Than Sent- Mr. Logan dropped another incredible bombshell: “Based on the data we’re seeing, I highly recommend canvasing,” Logan said. “Because it is the one way to know for sure whether some of the data we’re seeing, if it’s real problems or whether it’s clerical errors of some sort.”
    • “For example, 74,243 mail-in ballots, where there is no clear record of them being sent,” Logan said. “And just to be clear, here in the state of Arizona there is EB32s and EB33s. EB32s is supposed to give a record of when a mail-in ballot is sent. And EB33 is supposed to give a record of when the mail-in ballot is received.”“So there should be an equal… there should be more EB32s, more sent out then there are received. Specifically, with these we can tie them to a specific individual it was mailed to,” he continued. “And so, we have 74,000 where we have, it came back from individuals where we don’t have a clear indication that it was ever sent out to them.”

Through any of these instances, we must remember that Joe Biden “won” Arizona by on 10,457. Meaning that based upon what we’ve already seen from an audit that has been kneecapped by an uncooperative Board of County Commissioner’s the implications of fraud or at a minimum: gross negligence is shocking. Mr.Bennett, Logan, and Cotton requested that Maricopa County Election officials be subpoenaed again, hopefully, the commissioners and the Maricopa County Sheriff can be compelled to provide the information the audit requires.


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