$450K to Each Affected ILLEGAL ‘Individual’


Joe Biden and the Imperial Palace want to hand illegal aliens “$450,000 per individual.” Democrat officials think it’s only fair and the Justice Department is in the middle of negotiations with lawyers for the misplaced migrants now.

Per individual affected

CNN is thrilled to report that the federal government is seriously considering “payments of $450,000 per individual affected by the so-called ‘zero-tolerance policy’ that led to the separation of thousands of families.”

Illegal aliens who smuggled either their kids, or someone else’s kids, across the border were horrified to learn minors went one way and adults another. They’re happy to learn their Welcome to America starter pack will include an extra bonus to make up for the inconvenience.

More than 3,000 children from around the world were separated from their alleged families at what used to be the US-Mexico border. The anti-American activist group American Civil Liberties Union “filed a class action lawsuit in 2019 seeking damages” for each individual affected.

That appears to mean each child and one or both parents. Their lawyers have browbeaten ashamed liberal Democrats into coughing up some reparations. They claim intentional infliction of emotional distress. “children separated from their families under the ‘zero tolerance’ policy experienced trauma.”

For proof of that, the liberal lawyers argue that a “2019 Health and Human Services inspector general report included accounts of facility staff detailing the inconsolable crying of children when they were separated.” The Defense team apparently agrees and is ready to hand them anything they want.

Each and every individual, they speculate, was subject to “torture.” Simply separating the minors from the adults who accompanied them, whether they were really parents or not, was “child abuse.”

Meaningful progress toward settlement

Negotiations are still ongoing, CNN is careful to point out, so don’t get your hopes up that’s the final figure. Different “numbers have been discussed at various times.”

Also while each individual may qualify, they won’t all get the same check. “Financial compensation would likely vary and not all would get the maximum agreed-upon amount.” They don’t say what the expected percentage is but it’s probably around 99 percent.

By Wednesday, October 27, the ACLU was reporting “meaningful progress toward settlement.” Attorney Lee Gelernt is thrilled the palace sees things reasonably. “The Biden administration is correct to provide relief to the children and families affected by the government’s horrific practice of family separation.”

The “suffering” of each individual “is something they will always live with, and it is a deep moral stain on our country.” This way they can pay the coyote fees without anyone getting kidnapped.

Former acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf heard about the huge payoffs and his head nearly exploded. “There are no limits to what this Administration will do,” he tapped out on twitter. Nearly half a mil to everyone in the family is something he simply can’t tolerate.

“Everything they have touched re: border security / immigration is wrong for America but this may be at the top of the list.” So far, “50 children have been reunified with their parents in the United States.” That’s a strong indication that all the rest were only “rent-a-kids” dragged across the border to make it easier for the individual adults to get through.


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