Breaking: DOJ Charges Unsealed, LOOK Who They Went After


The timing of DOJ’s unsealing of the charges against James Comer’s fugitive witness Gal Luft is more suspicious than anything the whistleblower is accused of. We already knew some of the spurious allegations and the others make sense when you consider they’re only filing them to keep him from testifying. The real criminals are Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray.

Charges unsealed now

For some unknown reason, which Congress is dying to find out, U.S. Attorney David Weiss had absolutely no desire to file any felony charges against Hunter Biden for anything he allegedly did, anywhere. Right about the same time cocaine was discovered in the residential West Wing of the White House, Joe Biden was accused of accepting bribes from his Chinese friends, for their use of the family DOJ mole, “One Eye.” Former Federal Bureau of Instigation Director Louis Freeh did indeed keep an eye out while lurking around the hallowed halls of the Just Us Department.

The one-eyed ex-agent also dutifully tipped off the Chinese when the federal investigation was launched against them. Luft knows all about that. He worked alongside the Bidens and the CEFC officials and already told the FBI all about Freeh’s involvement. He’s being charged for his part of that deal, while Hunter Biden isn’t being charged for the exact same activity in the exact same deal. Freeh also was involved with a prosecutor in the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s office working on the Hunter Biden investigation.

In a lame attempt to control the damage, the Biden regime unsealed the allegations against Gal Luft that they had filed long ago in preparation for this moment. The same Manhattan prosecutors who filed trumped up criminal charges against rightful President Donald Trump are accusing Luft of “acting as an unregistered agent of China.” Congress has been wondering exactly why David Weiss did not choose to press that exact same charge against Hunter Biden.

Luft happens to have some serious credibility. He’s co-director of the Maryland-based Institute for the Analysis of Global Security. Ever since he was arrested, Luft proclaims his innocence and insists that he’s being framed, specifically to keep him quiet. He skipped bail and went into hiding. James Comer assures America that these bogus allegations don’t mean a thing to him and Luft will get his chance to testify soon.

Luft got caught in the jaws of the secret police for being a “high-ranking official” and “adviser to Donald Trump, who was the President-elect at the time.” According to the charges listed in a 58-page, eight-count indictment, Luft “was allegedly paid to publicly support certain policies pertaining to China.” The same ones Hunter and Joe Biden were paid to promote.

Hunter walks away clean on July 26 when the judge on his case rubber stamps the plea deal of the century. After that, it’s up to Congress to make sure it doesn’t happen again. They’re fighting tooth and nail to get that hearing postponed but the big problem is that Merrick Garland acts like he runs this country.

Illicit arms deals

Luft already mentioned that the feds are charging him on illicit arms deals but that is a huge exaggeration of what really did happen. Looking back, it may have been a peremptory setup. A friend who was a legitimate arms dealer asked him to ask a couple of his contacts if certain items were available and if so how much? That was the end of it.

The DOJ filed charges accusing him of attempting “to broker illicit arms deals to sell weapons to countries including Libya, the United Arab Emirates and Kenya without having a license to do so, as is legally required in the U.S.

Garland wants to make sure they have some heavy leverage against Luft because he seems to be intelligent enough to remain a step ahead of them at every turn. As he was being arrested in Cyprus, he tweeted out that he was and that it was only because he had dirt on Joe Biden. According to the sketchy charges, “Luft is accused of violating Iran sanctions by setting up meetings between Iranian officials and a Chinese energy company to discuss oil deals.” The company is CEFC and that’s the one that paid Joe and Hunter. Garland charged him with lying to the FBI about “his role in brokering those deals.

Exactly like the ones Michael Sussmann walked away from for telling the FBI he didn’t have a client when he had two. Hillary Clinton and the guy who cooked up the Alfa Bank data he was peddling. Little conflicts of interest like that don’t matter to the U.S. Attorneys. That’s because Merrick Garland doesn’t just act like it, he really does run this country.

Crimes are whatever Merrick Garland says are crimes. If Donald Trump taps out a social media post, that’s a crime. If Joe Biden accepts millions in bribes and forgets to pay taxes on them, while Hunter Biden accepts millions in bribes and writes hookers off his tax returns but hides the money under shell companies, none of those are crimes.

Charges can only be filed and prosecuted against conservatives, churchgoers, heterosexual parents or Donald Trump. Everyone else, from the thieving and murdering junkies on the street all the way up to His Imperial Wisdom Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., have golden get out of jail free cards. They come stylishly adorned with the face of Hillary Clinton on them.


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