Newly Released Footage Reveals Horrifying Details of January 6th


When news broke that protesters had stormed the US Capitol on January 6th, Americans were appalled. But what really happened that day? With newly released surveillance footage from Julie Kelly, an independent reporter, a new look at the events of that day is being revealed.

Police Attack Peaceful Protesters in Rotunda

The footage reveals dozens of peaceful protesters meandering around the rotunda when suddenly, a group of 20 Capitol Police officers entered and began pushing and punching them. Although there was no violence or threatening behavior from any of the protesters, they were still assaulted by police officers.

Another group of officers also entered and proceeded to do the same thing. One man was even dragged out while others were knocked down. The building had been evacuated for 40 minutes before these incidents occurred.

What Was Going On Outside?

In addition to this incident inside the rotunda, outside ATF and FBI SWAT units armed with rifles showed up as Trump supporters simply stood outside the building.

An MPD officer was recorded shouting for “blast munitions” so he could attack protesters who weren’t doing anything wrong other than standing in front of the Capitol pavilion. As soon as he got his hands on these munitions, he started lobbing them towards those peaceful protesters causing chaos everywhere around him.

Undercover Law Enforcement Assets Encouraged Protesters To Enter Building

Not only did law enforcement use excessive force against innocent citizens but undercover agents actually encouraged people to enter into the building too.

In one video segment taken on January 6th a plainclothes MPD officer can be seen climbing scaffolding while encouraging other people to do so as well telling them ‘go go go’ and ‘keep moving’ until they reached their destination which was inside Capitol Hill. This evidence was obtained after William Pope filed a motion on February 21st revealing everything that happened during that fateful day in Washington DC.

It’s clear now more than ever that law enforcement used excessive force against innocent citizens who were minding their own business when all this unfolded – it goes without saying that something needs to be done about it immediately before further injustice is done towards our fellow American citizens!


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