Entangled Prosecutors Have Sweetheart Plea Interest Conflicts


The prosecutors who signed off on Hunter Biden’s “sweetheart” plea deal appear to be entangled by some serious conflicts of interest. Hunter’s one eyed mole in the Justice Department burrowed into his own case. The deeper we probe into how it happened, the more evidence surfaces. The puzzle is starting to piece together into the picture of a cozy little conspiracy. One carefully calculated to give the Biden family a free pass.

A cozy plea conspiracy

It seems that Hunter Biden got such a sweet plea deal, in part, because politically they’re a really tight bunch in the family’s home state of Delaware. One of the main prosecutors who signed off on the proposed minor charges and negligible consequences used to work quite closely with former FBI Director and heavy Biden donor Louis Freeh. In his emails with the Chinese, Hunter called his pet mole “One Eye.

In May of 2016, Hunter Biden “wanted Freeh to leverage his connections to U.S. law enforcement.” Why? To help Romanian tycoon Gabriel Popoviciu evade prosecution. For a fee. He did the same for the Chinese. If Hunter gets charged with money laundering and influence peddling for the Romania deal, Freeh goes down with him. Hines seems real reluctant to see his old buddy go to federal prison.

Special Assistant U.S. Attorney Derek Hines currently serves under Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss. While the IRS investigators who got so frustrated that they weren’t allowed to investigate real crimes they blew the whistle, Hines was quick to add his approval to the Micky Mouse charges of misdemeanor tax fraud.

For the gun crimes which get your basic rap star sent off to prison for years, Hunter has to do drug diversion. Some are wondering if the plea deal still stands, now that someone’s cocaine was found laying around in the White House.

Before former director Freeh worked with Hunter on that particular project, Hines served under him as special counsel for almost two years. Eight years after leaving the bureau, Freeh Group International Solutions was launched in 2009 to provide “lobbying and consulting” services. Freeh also made sure to donate “$100,000 to a trust for two of President Biden’s grandchildren.

That was his way of showing “respect” to the Big Guy because Freeh was hoping to pursue “some very good and profitable matters” with the Biden family. As confirmed by emails. Hunter’s plea sweeps all of that right under the rug.

Integrity of entire investigation

By May 14, 2010 Freeh had become “a close friend” of Hunter. When Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson got wind of the relationship, he got angry. The association between Freeh and Hines, Johnson declares, “calls into question the integrity of their entire investigation.

Everyone can see that plea deal is too good to be true and this looks like the whole reason why. “These types of connections to the Biden family pose significant conflicts that must not be ignored.

The name of Gabriel Popoviciu started making news recently when the House Oversight Committee finally got to dig through the Suspicious Activity Reports which the Treasury Department has been intentionally hiding for years. James Comer and conservatives on his panel also ran down the bank records showing “more than $1 million flowed from Popoviciu to Biden family members from 2015 to 2017.

That all goes away with the plea deal. There isn’t a single whiff of a charge for money laundering. Hunter’s not even being charged with trying to write hookers off on his taxes.

The IRS investigators know that Hunter Biden should have been charged with some serious felonies. Anybody else would have been. The news is full of celebrity examples, most of them rap singers. Weiss and Hines knew, based on solid evidence which they intentionally buried, that between 2014 and 2019 Hunter and his crew pulled in “$17.3 million from entities in Romania, Ukraine and China.

The IRS already has that fully documented. They wanted to file charges years ago and weren’t allowed. Instead, the prosecutors in charge waited until the statute of limitations expired on as much as possible then erased the rest with a quick and painless plea deal. This battle is far from over.


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