Biden Handler TERRIFIED of MAGA Republican Destruction


One of Joe Biden’s official handlers went on the attack against MAGA Republicans like a rabid mongoose. From the safety of an MSNBC studio, Keisha Lance Bottoms declared that “followers of former President Donald Trump are a threat to the country.” Actually, we’re a threat to her perception of the country, a Constitution-free liberal Democrat paradise of rampant socialist anarchy.

Deplorable MAGA Republican threat

Keisha Lance Bottoms went in front of the unblinking glass eye to tell Jonathan Capehart that everyone who’s not deplorably devoted to the MAGA philosophy “should all be concerned about this threat.

Subversives actually want to Make America Great Again. It’s totally horrible and must be stamped out now. Before we can get to the polls and vote. Of course, those votes can be erased but it isn’t easy to do with so many Republicans watching over your shoulder.

There is a MAGA Republican agenda that gives no consideration to the rule of law, that has no respect for a woman’s right to choose, that wants to defund the FBI,” she said.

There is a MAGA Republican agenda that thought that it was okay to attack our nation’s Capitol on January 6.” She blazed those lies by so fast nobody liberal would even think of questioning her. It’s all Democrat dogma carved in stone to start with.

First, the MAGA agenda is to preserve the rule of law, not replace it with catch and release anarchy. Sure, women have a right to choose, deplorables say. They can choose to live in a state which allows babies to be murdered at will. The Supreme Court controversially declared that the state has the right to decide that. The ability was hijacked away from them years ago. SCOTUS rightfully gave it back to the states, where it belongs.

California will help kill your baby, chop it up, and profit from turning it into a COVID jab. Conservatives want to clean house and fire the corrupt FBI officials, not “defund” the bureau. The barbarians who invaded the Capitol did not have a MAGA blessing and were tricked into doing it by the FBI, hiding as Q-Anon. Those were not patriots.’

Only the extreme Republicans

Ever since Joe Biden stood up in front of a blood-red background flanked by Marines to deliver a declaration that MAGA Republicans are about to be shipped off for “re-education,” those liberals who still have to give lip service to a constitution are running around doing damage control. Joe didn’t mean EVERY Republican, they keep insisting. Only the ones who want to Make America Great Again.

Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney are safe, for example. Joe knows at least a dozen Republicans who are civilized. The other 99.98% of the party have a big target on their back and “The Hunt” is about to begin. “Someone needs to do something about that rat-bleeper-in-chief,” I believe was one of the big quotes.

Ever since Dark Brandon went Satanic in his big speech, which wasn’t covered by any of the networks because it was only a partisan political rally, Joe’s handlers have been waffling over what he said. Every time they try to clarify only makes things worse. It all boils down to, we don’t hate all Republicans, only the ones who act like Republicans.


Biden “and his administration have danced on the line of claiming that they were only referring to a segment of the Republican Party while also painting the GOP as a whole with broad strokes by stating that they were being taken over by MAGA Republicans.

Even the liberal network host noticed how “Biden’s administration has taken ‘a tough line … against Republicans writ large,’ and asked Bottoms if they would ‘keep hammering away at that phrase‘ heading toward November’s election.” Its time to pick a side, Bottoms declares.

Well, I think it will be important for all of us who care about the United States of America to call out what we see. And what we see, again, with this MAGA Republican agenda is an effort to disrupt our democracy.” We don’t have a democracy, we have a Republic and trying to keep it is what makes us so deplorable.


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