Grey Wolf Delivers On Pyrotechnic Oath to Defend Freedom


If there is one thing an old trucker like Grey Wolf Ron Coleman knows how to do, it is deliver the goods. He came through as promised to passionately deliver an old fashioned “hootenanny” on Saturday, September 24. It beamed out live for a full three-and-a-half hours, from scenic Sterling, Colorado. Ron delivered a few fired-up friends along with it, which made the patriotically rousing event extra-special.

Join the Grey Wolf freedom parade

Day 85 was a milestone for the Grey Wolf Walk Across America For Freedom. Patriot Ron Coleman beamed live out across YouTube, Rumble, Cloud Hub, Telegram, Facebook and a whole bunch more. Joining him via video feed were Mona Miller, Steve Spurgeon and Laura Lynn Tyler-Thompson. Electricity was in the air from the moment the show began and it only got better from there, in surprisingly entertaining ways.

Steve Spurgeon is the author of the song “Wake up in the USA” theme song of the Grey Wolf Walk. He’s an American but famous in Canada from the Freedom Convoy this past winter. Ms. Tyler-Thompson is also Canadian and a Christian oriented broadcaster formerly with 700 Club.

As the broadcast got rolling, Ron declared, “tonight I’m going to push the limits” of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter as to “my beliefs.” They didn’t start with The People’s Convoy at Adelanto, California and didn’t end in Hagerstown, Maryland.

The Grey Wolf made crystal clear that while most conservatives support Donald Trump, this movement is a whole lot bigger than our former president. It has much more to do with why he’s so popular in the first place.


America is in a constitutional crisis decades in the making. Our fellow citizens have been lulled to sleep by propaganda and indoctrination. Trucker shutdowns would shut down the country but that’s not the answer. The only people who would suffer by that are fellow Americans. There must be a peaceful way to fix the problems in Washington, WITHOUT resorting to violence.

There has to be a “great awakening” to counter the woke nonsense. The only problem is that nobody wants to fund a peaceful solution. “People are asleep and they’re letting the government run them over,” Ron “Grey Wolf” Coleman laments.

An inferno inside

The blaze began for him when they left Adelanto on the 23rd of February. The night before he had been handed sacks of letters to take with him to Washington. The Grey Wolf had been giving interviews left and right. “It started building this fire even bigger inside of me.

That “turned into an inferno as he moved his truck with the convoy eastward.” Along the way were bridges lined with so many flags that another person wouldn’t fit. It was the same way all around the beltway once they got to Hagerstown.


They met with senators and congressmen. Some even came down to the encampment to interact more. Each and every one of them told our Grey Wolf Patriot that the only way freedom stands a chance is with a whole bunch of people right behind him. After his monologue, every bit as passionate as advertised, the fireworks really started.

Mona Miller caught the audience totally by surprise, shocked them silly and everyone fell in love with her. We can’t wait to hang out with her for one heck of a hootenanny when patriots pass through her neck of the woods.

Perky, bubbly Laura Lynn Tyler-Thompson changed the topic up to reflect her background as a former Canadian 700 Club anchor. She still does conservative family broadcasts and was inextricably involved with covering the Canadian convoys. Outspoken and intelligent, the panel got lively when she started talking about the transgender strip club issue. Other topics followed right along. Unfortunately, Steve Spurgeon had some technical difficulties but with true patriot ingenuity, Ms. Tyler-Thompson patched his audio in via her cell phone. The entire episode underscored the theme, “where there is a will, there is a way.

Everyone involved in this project is willing to bend over backwards for freedom. We will find a way. Go to the Grey Wolf walk page and check out his route. If you’re along it, come by and walk along through your town when he passes by. Line the roads and overpasses. If you can’t be there in person, tell your friends and relatives. Freedom is never free. Please dig deep and make a donation through the links on the page. Thank you for your support! Join us in the peaceful fight for your children’s freedom.


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