Biden Gears Up to Hand Deep State Massive Win


Joe Biden announced on June 30 that he doesn’t care what the Supreme Court has to say. He’s ready to throw the filibuster rule in the trash if that’s what it takes to bring back a nationwide guaranteed right to kill babies.

Filibuster on the chopping block

On Thursday, Joe Biden was so ticked off with the Supreme Court he announced he’s ready to support ending the filibuster.

That’s the rule which requires a 60 vote majority at bare minimum to pass anything through the Senate. It’s a nuclear option with wide-ranging effects.

There is only one little snag to Joe’s plan. Democrats won’t possibly be able to force a showdown on the filibuster before the election in November. After that, it would take a lot more to pass abortion laws than just ending a dusty provision in Senate rules.

One which Democrats get just as much use out of as the Republicans do, as the winds of party fortune shift from administration to administration.

Even more important than ending or making an “exception” to the filibuster, Democrats need to focus like a laser on the mid-terms.

They need to pick up two Senate seats when it looks like they’ll lose some. They also need to hold the House, which seems more like an impending bloodbath every day.

How to keep abortion

With progressives hammering His Wisdom about what he can do with the stroke of a pen on a palace decree, Biden had to make an announcement from Madrid. He can’t do anything and he knows it. The whole ball of wax is in the hands of Congress. It’s up to them, he notes to “codify Roe v. Wade in the law.

Forgetting that the new law will go straight to SCOTUS for another round of analysis, Biden’s ready to do the only thing he can do. Chop the filibuster so Congress can make it happen.

The way to do it, he advises, is “to make sure the Congress votes to do that.

Then, “if the filibuster gets in the way, it’s like voting rights – it should be (that) we provide an exception to this … requiring an exception to the filibuster for this action to deal with the Supreme Court decision,” he babbled.

Joe was also sure to clarify that abortion isn’t the only issue he would kill the filibuster for. There’s also the “right to privacy, not just abortion rights.

CNN was sure to point out that Biden’s “comments on Thursday mark the first time he’s expressed total willingness to eliminate the filibuster specifically for abortion rights.


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