Another Big MAGA Win Just Happened


Deplorable Trump supporters just scored a huge MAGA victory in Georgia. They passed a new law which has liberals freaking out. “Votes will be suppressed!” They scream. Zombies, illegal aliens, and multiple ballot casting robots who helped steal the 2020 election won’t be allowed to vote in the next one.

Finally, a MAGA victory

Things are looking grim for conservatives under the illegitimate regime headed by Imperial Leader Joe Biden but finally there’s at least a glimmer of sunshine. On Thursday, conservative state lawmakers nailed down a law introduced by MAGA inspired patriots requiring “more stringent voter verification requirements for absentee ballots.”

Georgia also will now allow “state officials to take over election boards.” Ballot drop boxes will be restricted in number for security. Also, the new law allows “any Georgian to make unlimited challenges to voter registrations.”

Conservative Governor Brian Kemp had his pen out and ready, waiting for the final version of the bill to be delivered.

His MAGA hat wearing constituents were ready to chase him up a peach tree and burn it, after he refused to cooperate with the election integrity investigation. The GOP is imploding from all the RINOs who were caught selling out America as Democrat sleeper cells last fall.

Progressive liberals are furious. If Zombies and illegals can’t vote, then the whole thing is racist, they scream. How dare they require things like identification in order to vote. Black Lives Matter riots are being prepared in response.

You can expect a rousing of the rabble who claim that insisting only “legally registered voters” can only vote “one” time is discrimination to Blacks. Those MAGA mutha’s better stay off the streets of Atlanta cause it’s gonna burn like Sherman came through.

Where is the National Guard?

If the shoe were on the other foot and it was a liberal election law being signed, the National Guard would be standing by, armed against a MAGA insurrection. They’re nowhere to be found this time.

While Kemp was inking his autograph on the legislation, liberal state lawmaker Park Cannon was dragged out of the building by Georgia state troopers. She faces two felony charges for pounding on the Governor’s door to disrupt the signing ceremony in protest.

Political pundits are calling Georgia the “epicenter of the fight for American democracy.” They love to talk about insurrection as long as they can blame it on MAGA hat wearing patriots. When Black folks are burning and looting all night, that’s a “peaceful protest.”

The police look the other way. His Wisdom Joe Biden knows that he’s only running the Palace because playing fast and loose with the laws let him steal it. He’s terrified that other states might get the same idea. “What I’m worried about is how un-American this whole initiative is. It’s sick. It’s sick.” Almost as sick as the things that happen inside the Biden family.

Because of Georgia, the conservative faction lost control of the Senate so MAGA types aren’t likely to forget it soon.

Now that the loopholes on abusive mail-in voting and improper influence from the courts on electoral disputes, the playing field is leveling back out and there is a chance of regaining not only the Senate for conservatives, but the House as well. Whether the conservatives will be calling themselves “Republican” by then or not remains to be seen.


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