RADICAL Democrats REVEAL Their Agenda Now That They Have Taken Power


With another one of those middle-of-the-night straight up spikes in the Democrat results, the Georgia Senate runoff elections were declared a double victory for the Deep State forces of darkness. Every point on the agenda of George Soros and his handlers can now be put back into action after four years of disuse.

New World Order agenda revealed

The New World Order is making it crystal clear that you will be accepting their globalist, open borders, everything free agenda, whether you like it or not. Democrats are in control, they openly gloat. Of the White House, the Congressional House, and the Senate. They will never have control of the hearts and minds of conservative Americans though.

Even before undercover Antifa-affiliates stormed the Capitol Building like barbarians on Wednesday, Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff were already being proclaimed the winners over their Republican opponents in Georgia.

Many experts have already challenged those results as fraudulent, based on the mathematically improbable vertical spike in the count in the wee hours of the morning, but that doesn’t matter. Nobody cares if the results are valid or not. They are “numbers” and that is good enough for election officials, per the Deep State agenda, and anyone who dares to question that is simply ignored, along with the evidence.

With the Senate equally split 50-50, Kamala Harris gets to break any tie so they own the Senate. Democrats already had firm control of the House.

President Trump’s legal challenges to the elections went down in flames so Joe Biden will be moving into the White House.

Democrats are already making a list of the things they couldn’t get done because Mitch McConnell has been standing in the way of their agenda.

A wish list of legislation

At the top of the Democrat wish list of legislation, New Hampshire lawmaker Chris Pappas insists, is cash. Liberals are all set to hand Americans another $2,000 stimulus check, without stopping to think what the inflation will do to future generations.

There are a whole bunch of added protections for LGBTQ Americans on the agenda as well. They like to call that the Equality Act.

Non-binary, species indeterminate Americans can expect special consideration when applying for “employment, housing, credit, education, public spaces and services, federally funded programs, and jury service.”

Of course, the DREAM Act is already on the agenda to hand instant amnesty to all the children who were illegally dragged into this country in violation of immigration laws.

Oops, it’s easy to keep forgetting that laws are a thing of the past. Back when America was great. We had a constitution and everything.

Because Democrats have such a hard time convincing legal, conservative, Americans to back their fiscally irresponsible fantasies, they need as many voters as they can dig up. Literally.

That’s why they wrote the Voting Rights Act. A key part of the liberal agenda is to give felons and illegal aliens the right to vote, along with all the disenfranchised but impressionable voters who aren’t quite 18 yet.

Without coming out and saying “Green New Deal,” Democrats expect to spend a fortune on “infrastructure” by handing free money to local and state governments for “coronavirus-related aid,” and “climate action.”

At the same time, the agenda calls for burdening businesses and killing jobs by bringing back and enhancing the crippling carbon restrictions and taxes. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says you can forget about your student loan. Also, the death penalty will soon be as extinct as oil. Pramila Jayapal promises a bump in the minimum wage and increased opportunity to murder babies in the fight for “racial justice.”


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