A Cancer Worse Than Cancer… Due To The Lies and Deceit of MSM


Harlan Ullman of The Hill has presented “A cancer worse than Watergate”. His opinion piece lays the “demise of trust, fact and candor from politics”, the “polarization and politicization of American society that’s inflamed by social media” and what he views as a deficiency of the US Constitution which he explains “can work only when civility and compromise thrive, when one party has veto-proof control of both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, or when a crisis unifies the nation.” mostly on Republicans.

What he missed would be the cancer worse than Harlan’s metaphorical cancer: a mainstream media, academia and entertainment-industrial complex wholesale hijacked by the left supporting an ultra-leftist government which rose to power amidst credible reports of election fraud antagonizing and alienating over half of the nation’s populace increasingly with each passing day.

Harlan clearly missed a few readings from the Federalist Papers which would have informed him that the Constitution is specifically designed to RESTRAIN the power of the Federal government rather than facilitate it to work quickly to trample the rights of its’ people.

Most glaringly in the text that follows Ullman seems to lay much of the blame on the Republican party when he cites; the Tonkin Gulf Resolution in 1964,  the Gingrich Revolution of the late 1980s, the Supreme Court adjudicated victory of President George W. Bush in 2000, the 2003 War in Iraq, Birther-ism under President Barack Obama and the entire Presidency of Donald Trump culminating in the events of January 6th.

Gee, Kind of one-sided isn’t it doc?

Harlan wrote,

“The political parties are now locked in political warfare. Is this simply politics today? Or has the United States reached a crisis point in which this hyperadversarial conflict has produced a government that can no longer govern equitably for all its citizens? “

On that last point, at least, he ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie.

The True Cancer on Our Nation: Conservatives As The New Under-Class

The collapse of civility that Harlan describes is absolutely a severe symptom but it is far more akin to a stark warning President John F. Kennedy gave us in the 1960’s “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” A warning the left has ignored.

The decline of civility in politics that many have decried in the last two decades is symptomatic of an increased resentment between the grassroots of the conservative right of “fly-over country” to the metro-centric progressive-socialist-left who are increasingly derisive toward and dismissive of them.

The left-wing socialists of America today hold every lever of power in our society and all three branches of the Federal Government (which long ago dismantled any ability of the States to restrain it). As well as many City, State and Country Governments in highly populous areas (rapidly spreading into many “purple” states), the entire Education system from Kindergarten to Post-Grad, social media, silicon valley, the press and the entertainment industry, all belong to the left in exclusivity and seemingly in perpetuity.

The culture war is past tense, the left won. Republicans lost, and President Donald Trump’s concession on January 6th was the instrument of surrender.

For Conservatives, Libertarians, the right wing in general and the Republican Party in particular: the reality of 2021 is living in a nation under occupation by a hostile government. The boot-to-the-neck from this regime isn’t exclusive to the government though, but stems more from a complicit corporatist conglomeration who have decided that it is in their better interests to cater to a vocal minority than a silent but increasingly angry majority.

What is the cancer worse than Harlan Ullman’s “Cancer”? The silent, smoldering, slowly building anger. The blinding, molten rage that is pumping through the average American who is watching their government choose winners and losers (most frequently they are the losers), let BLM and Antifa riot violently with impunity, dole out checks to people who won’t work, shut down thriving businesses at will, cripple their economy, deprive them of their entertainments and even their very human contact under the guise of a “lethal pandemic” with a 99% survival rate between the ages of 1 and 70.

All of this happens while the mainstream media who most adults today grew up trusting, turns and tells them them that THEY are the bad-guys, that they are racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic bigots. The media and academia trumpet that everything that is wrong with America is due to straight, white, cisgendered, Christian, conservative men who venerate America and believe in its exceptionalism and any women or minorities who don’t completely fall in line with the leftists are complicit too.

The cancer worse than cancer? Is the fact that all of this anger, rage and resentment aren’t just being allowed to build, unchecked and unchallenged but that our government, the mainstream media and entertainment complex supercharged by silicon valley are gleefully stoking the flames willfully and eagerly with their Chinese, European and Russian friends licking their chops to pounce the moment the American people decide they’ve had enough and finally decide to lash out and leave January 6th as a distant memory of a “polite disagreement”.

It would be a “humanitarian” global intervention, to restore good order to the people of America, of course. But that’s the endgame. The final death of the Republic, Agenda 2031 and the Great Reset, realities where a free America just doesn’t fit. They’re looking everyday for a good enough excuse it seems, and they’ll keep cranking up the pressure, until they get one.


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