1,700 FULLY Vaxxed People Got COVID-19 Over the Past Two Weeks… How Does That Happen?

1,700 FULLY Vaxxed People Got COVID-19 Over the Past Two Weeks... How Does That Happen?

First, we were told that being fully vaccinated would prevent people from getting COVID. Now, almost daily, we hear of large groups of fully vaccinated people contracting COVID. What happened?

It’s simple: they lied. Now we know the truth, while being fully vaccinated may reduce the symptoms, these people can still catch and spread COVID at almost the same rate as the unvaccinated. Yet, they are still pushing the vaccine, why? It’s about control, and blindly following the government’s orders.

In the totalitarian dictatorship of Ontario, Canada, approximately 35.6 percent of COVID infections in the past two weeks — meaning 1,760 people — have been among the so-called “fully vaccinated.”

Of course, the propaganda for the vaccine is strong in Canada, even among so-called privately owned media. Outlets like CTV News are reporting that these numbers are normal, writing: “Experts say this trajectory is normal considering the increasing number of people getting their shots.”

The outlet even spoke with specialists to push the party line narrative. Speaking with CTV News, Dr. Sumon Chakrabarti, an infectious disease specialist with Trillium Health Partners, claimed that it is normal for some fully vaccinated people to catch COVID, arguing that it is okay because they don’t usually experience severe symptoms and often don’t even know that they are sick.

The majority of positive infections among vaccinated people, according to Chakrabarti, are found in search testing.

“When you look closely, these people, they have a runny nose, they have a little bit of a cough and that’s it,” Chakrabarti said in an interview with CTV News Toronto.

Of course, people like Chakrabarti ignore the implications of the fact that, if these fully vaccinated individuals truly don’t experience severe symptoms, they may not even know they are sick. Therefore, they are more likely to go out in public and spread the disease to people who may be more susceptible to severe illness, such as those who are immunocompromised.


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