Female Officer Facing Felony Charges after Firing on Thieves Who Car Jacked Her


Officer Oneta Sampson Carney was off the clock when she got carjacked. She’s now facing felony charges herself, simply because she took a shot at the fleeing criminals. It’s no wonder that Chicago cops are telling alleged Mayor Lori Lightfoot go ahead and fire them. They aren’t allowed to shoot at criminals so why hang around? Indiana will hire each and every one, so there’s no job security problem.

Officer opened fire

What started as a routine trip to Sam’s Club for the off duty officer and her husband turned into a gun battle and legal nightmare. The 58-year-old Chicago cop is “facing felony charges after reportedly shooting at thieves who allegedly stole her SUV.”

Thanks to Democrat policy, the windy city has become so dangerous you can’t even load your groceries in the car.

The engine of the Toyota 4Runner was running while the officer and her husband “placed bags into their vehicle’s trunk.” That’s when they were ambushed. “three male suspects approached,” court documents describe.

“Two approached Carney and her husband and asked if they could help with the groceries when the third suspect jumped into the couple’s SUV and sped away through the parking lot.”

As reported, the “other two suspects ran off on foot as Carney and her husband gave chase.”

According to plan, the driver pulled the ride around as “one of the other suspects gained ground on the SUV.” That’s when the off-duty officer reportedly “fired a single shot using a 9mm handgun.” She missed. The bullet “struck the ground behind the SUV as its driver continued to flee.”

They all got away

Since this is Chicago, and the last thing the police want to do is arrest criminals, they were allowed to run free, at least for a while. “All suspects were able to escape without further contact.”

The victim, on the other hand, was instantly slapped in cuffs. The officer “called 911 to report the theft, but did not report that she’d discharged her weapon until responding officers arrived at the scene.”

How dare she act like one of the local gang-bangers and fire indiscriminately like that? At the time officer Carney discharged her weapon, “children and other people were present in the parking lot, and a second vehicle was driving down the same aisle in the lot.”

She may have missed her target but her gun control wasn’t that bad.

Even though the officer is “a 19-year veteran of the police force” the single count of “discharge of a firearm” was enough to get her thrown in the pokey and held on $5,000 bail. If she was affiliated with Antifa®, they would have released her after processing. The police actually recovered what was left of her car. “The 4Runner ultimately came to a stop about 8:35 p.m. after rear-ending another vehicle in the 200 block of West Wacker Drive.” Her insurance company will be paying for that.

“Six suspects, including a 26-year-old man and five juveniles, were then taken into custody after attempting to flee.” The charges were minor and didn’t include grand theft auto. “Four of the five youths were charged with criminal trespass to a vehicle, and one male juvenile was charged with possessing a stolen motor vehicle, aggravated fleeing and eluding, and disobeying a red light.”


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