Woke State Only Enforcing Laws They Like


Laws don’t matter anymore. Woke operatives of the liberal left are terrified that the Supreme Court is going to reverse the landmark Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion. Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer doesn’t care what the highest court in the land has to say. Teaming up with her faithful pet Attorney General Dana Nessel, the pair “have launched a preemptive two-pronged attack on the existing state law that criminalizes most abortions.

Only the laws they like

Democrats only enforce laws they like. On Thursday, April 14, Whitmer filed a lawsuit. She wants a judge to enforce a law she agrees with to ignore a law she doesn’t. She’s “demanding judicial recognition of abortion as a protected right under the Michigan constitution.

That same day, the human chop-shop known affectionately as [Un-]Planned Parenthood, “filed a lawsuit to block enforcement of the 1931 law, naming Nessel, in her capacity as attorney general, as a defendant.

The problem for conservatives is that the Defendant won’t defend herself. Nessel is a married lesbian and firm believer in psychological birth control but we wouldn’t have a covid vaccine if it weren’t for aborted babies. At least their stem cells. Laws preventing the murder of babies are totally unthinkable.

In what’s being called “transparent coordination with Whitmer and Planned Parenthood,” Nessel threw a press party to announce “her refusal to defend against Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit.” That shouldn’t even be her decision to make. She has a conflict of interest so someone else is supposed to handle it.

Legal experts are calling the sketchy move “highly unusual.” Nessel doesn’t care about the laws, promising the press “she will not even set up a conflict wall in her office to defend the case, not unless or until she is ordered by a court.” Just find a liberal judge in Michigan to rule against her on that, she dares.

The move may be unconventional but Nessel is known to navigate “the intricacies of the law the way a power mower navigates a field of daisies.” She’s a big fan of the book “Winning Through Intimidation.

Long, loud advocacy

Nessel is no stranger to “long, loud advocacy for unrestricted legal abortion.” Babies should be allowed to be killed up to their birthday. The AG made that a campaign promise when she vowed “not to prosecute abortionists under the 1931 law if Roe is overturned.

According to all the laws we have now, that means the prosecutor has “a glaring conflict of interest.” So what? She scoffs. We got to this place in history because everyone simply makes all the rules up as they go along now.

The voters of Michigan made it crystal clear that they don’t like killing babies. Nessel is bound to protect and enforce the laws but instead she ignores ones she doesn’t like.

She’s bound by the ethics rules not to represent a client,” in this case the state of Michigan, if that representation is “materially limited by the lawyer’s own interests.” She’s interested all right.

Not only does she have a conflict of interest, the laws have nobody to tell her no. Since “her office is already handling the Whitmer lawsuit on Nessel’s behalf, it’s unlikely there’s an assistant AG who has the guts to go against her.

Experts note that this “tag-team approach, an example of collusive litigation, has become a Democrat specialty.” Activists, they explain, “file a ‘friendly lawsuit‘ against a state (or the federal government) with a Democrat attorney general, who then either settles in the activists’ favor or refuses to defend the lawsuit, handing the activists what they want by default.


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