We The People Reporter Assaulted as Convoy Drives Over BLM Mural


That deplorable People’s Convoy managed to sneak a few semis into D.C. proper for a tour of the national landmarks on Friday. Liberals were terrified, police were largely supportive, and We the People had a wonderful day. One of the big highlights was rolling the bobtails over the bold yellow Black Lives Matter “mural.” Progressives see that and become as enraged as patriots do when they see someone stomping on an American flag. One got violent about it.

Convoy tours the Capitol

Official We the People videographer Wysiwyg TV did a great job of following the convoy around downtown D.C. on Friday, March 18. By switching tactics around a little, the organizers split We the People into at least two groups. One had the mission of peacefully infiltrating the National Mall.

At risk to his own personal safety, Wysiwyg filmed the procession roll through the hallowed BLM plaza from a boots on the ground perspective. A progressive resident took offense and was more aggressive than his canine companion. After a physical assault, the nonplussed reporter gave the man a lesson on the rights of privacy in public spaces. There aren’t any. Nobody was hurt.

One thing that came out of the little tour excursion the convoy took through the Capitol is that the news finally started writing about it. Sort of. Washingtonian slapped together a bunch of tweets about it and so did DCist.

Their reporters aren’t real good at putting sentences together in a way that makes sense, still, it is reporting. “At least 10 Big Rigs in the People’s Convoy are driving downtown near Chinatown/Penn Quarter/Mt. Vernon Triangle. @DCPoliceDept appears to be driving near the group.” Beatrice-Elizabeth Peterson informs.

Zachary Petrizzo reported that “Truckers with The People’s Convoy are back in DC proper but keep getting split up by red lights.” Jordan Pascale was on a bike ride when he caught up to the illicit group “honking near the White House on H Street. They were tailed by Secret Service and other police SUVs.

The Daily Beast, who’s rabidly liberal reporter regularly gets a verbal beat down whenever he shows his face around the group, is reporting the dastardly deed at BLM plaza.

Most disturbing to liberals

Most disturbingly, the Beast reports, during a rally Friday morning “a speaker with the convoy declared they were going to ‘take back’ Black Lives Matter Plaza, and that it would get “tar and feathered.” Trucks arrived at the plaza later in the day.

When they got there, they defiled the bright yellow paint with their signature tread-marks. Contrary to popular belief, they didn’t bring drums of tar to deface the “mural,” which some call “graffiti.

We-the-Peoplestock seems to be an idea which is spontaneously popping up from different areas at once. We the People need reinforcements and moral support, what better way to drum up both than with a freedom festival of some sort. Something inclusive of everyone. This isn’t about the trucks or the Trumpers. It’s a global fight of biblical proportion to save freedom and fight the forces of New World Order evil.

That’s exactly why Australia and New Zealand are begging the American Convoy to keep rolling round the beltway. They find it inspiring and face terrible abuse when standing up for things We the People take for granted. We won’t for long if we lose them now.

Convoy organizers announced there will be some live entertainment Saturday after the evening meeting. Featured will be “Classic Rock Band ‘Rock-It'” On Sunday, the freedom festival atmosphere will continue with “High Energy Country Flavored Band ‘CHRIS WOODWARD & SHINDIGGN'” and “THE MISSING YEARS” later. Organizers are all thrilled with the donations of food and money but want they really need right now is boots on the ground.

Anyone who can make to the camp in Hagerstown, Maryland will be welcome with open arms, as long as you support freedom and behave. The movement lost members because nobody wants to do anything controversial. This is how peaceful protests should look, not looting, arson and violence in the streets.


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