We Just Found Out Schumer’s Dark Secret…

chuck schumer covid bill

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) says he wants dark money taken out of campaigns.

Schumer is even trying to get legislation passed to that effect.

But do you know what else Schumer is doing in trying to keep the majority in the Senate?

Take the Money

The Senate Majority PAC (SMP) is the big-money PAC for Senate Democrats.

Schumer points a finger, and that is where the money goes.

McConnell has a similar PAC for the GOP.

That PAC has received $47 million so far this cycle, $20 million only three weeks ago, from Majority Forward.

Guess what Majority Forward is?

If you guessed a dark money nonprofit, you win the stuffed animal.

This is Schumer double-talking for the cameras but putting his principles on the sidelines when in danger of losing the majority.

Americans for Public Trust executive director Caitlin Sutherland stated, “Liberals decry dark money, unless it’s their own.

“The fact that this Schumer-backed group funneled $20 million to help Schumer keep his gavel, just weeks after his diatribe on the evils of money in politics, is the height of hypocrisy.”

I think Chuckie has some questions that need to be answered.


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