Trump Slaps Down CIA


The Pentagon is getting ready to slap the CIA down, hard. “Holy sh*t, this has totally run away from us,” a Pentagon official warns. Because of the response to that, Democrats are terrified. The “drones, elite soldiers, fuel, and medical evacuation of casualties,” liberals surprisingly scream, “would disappear almost overnight.”

CIA gets their hand slapped

Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller notified the Central Intelligence Agency that “the Pentagon would review the terms of its military support to CIA operations,” The Intercept reports.

The left leaning publication isn’t happy that “the Pentagon was planning to strip the agency of its support for counterterrorism missions around the world almost immediately.”

CNN gets the credit for breaking the news that the Pentagon was “planning to withdraw” most support for counter-terror missions “by the beginning of next year.” Progressive New York Times was quick to add “the purpose was to ‘make it difficult’ for the CIA to conduct its covert war in Afghanistan as Trump reduces the number of U.S. troops there.”

Why is the liberal press suddenly so fond of Langley? ABC claims it’s because the decision would leave spooky “paramilitary officers to die should they suffer casualties.” Casualties in covert operations that aren’t officially sanctioned in the first place. They seem to think they’re back in the good old days when Oliver North ran his own secret army for Ronald Reagan and George Bush, Sr.

Liberal moles inside the Pentagon identified as “six current and former national security officials, including some directly involved in the Pentagon’s review,” are convinced Trump is only doing this to start trouble for Joe Biden with the CIA. That can’t be true because Biden isn’t going to be allowed to claim a stolen “victory.”

Secretary Miller’s letter makes it clear that the move is just a simple matter of some bureaucratic “housekeeping.”

Updating the memo of understanding

Secretary Miller politely informed Central Intelligence Director Gina Haspel that the Pentagon is going to update the “memorandum of understanding” that lays out the terms of Defense Department support to covert missions.

It was crafted 15 years ago. When Donald Rumsfeld set it up under George W. Bush it was all about the “global war on terror.” Reeling from the attack on September 11, 2001, “the Pentagon discovered that it had neither the intelligence capability nor the nimbleness that the CIA showed in their quick deployment to Afghanistan.”

Since that was where Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda were hanging out, it made sense to beef up the operation there.

Since then, the agency has ballooned their operations to the point that the Pentagon didn’t even know what all they were up to. One of their dark secrets may have been a Deep State operation to influence the 2020 election. Maybe even the 2016 one. Their fingerprints are all over Obamagate.

“Defense officials grew concerned about how soldiers and resources slipped into CIA operations without the department’s notification.”

Without a whole lot of supervision, the CIA and the Pentagon developed a close working relationship on and off foreign battlefields as two consecutive administrations spent at least tens of billions of dollars on a secret ecosystem — tools, weapons, and people — for killing.”

Then came Donald Trump. He promised to pull troops out of the mid-east and end the “forever wars.” He defeated ISIS and since 2018 the focus has shifted away from “Counterterrorism” to concentrate on “long-term strategic competition with China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran.”

Some real Pentagon officials answered the calls of the Intercept reporters to set the record straight. “Fears of resource cuts to the CIA are unfounded.” As the spokesman explains, “The only group that is hyperventilating about this are a small group of people who have become [counterterrorism] focused.”

This is a case of bureaucratic “kingdom building” which got way out of hand. “We’ve been trying to get a handle on what is the totality of what we’re giving and nobody knew. We realized that we had lost track of how much was being given over the years. We have no idea, but it’s enormous, and that freaked people out because it’s like, holy sh*t, this has totally run away from us.”


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