Trump Raid Only More of Same Political Weaponization


Monday’s FBI Raid on Mar-A-Lago was nothing but more of the same political weaponization of the justice system that they have been using against former President Donald Trump ever since 2015. There was no legitimate need to go on a fishing trip for “potentially classified material” but they needed a distraction. This one just blew up in their face.

Raid was politically motivated

When Republican Congressional leader Kevin McCarthy heard about Monday’s FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago, he instantly ordered alleged Attorney General Merrick Garland to “preserve your documents and clear your calendar.

That was a loud message of an impending oversight probe. Other ranking conservatives are adding their support.

The search warrant said they were there as part of “an investigation into the handling of potentially classified material.

The way McCarthy sees it, with this intimidating raid, the “Department of Justice has reached an intolerable state of weaponized politicization.

Trump has a meeting scheduled for Tuesday, August 9, with “about a dozen members of the House Republican Study Committee, led by Indiana Rep. Jim Banks.

The former president will host them at his residence in Bedminster, New Jersey. The raid has become a spark to rally the troops around Trump. Not a single deplorable in America is ready to let this one slip by unquestioned.


Likely to be the nominee

When 2024 rolls around you can bet Donald Trump will be a candidate. There’s even a good shot that he’ll be the republican nominee.

Whether he makes it that far or not, even the Democrats at CNN admit that “the former president still is powerful within the party.” This raid angered a bunch of powerful donors.

Part of the reason for the raid on Trump’s castle, once known as the “Winter White House,” is to distract attention away from the horrible mess Democrats are making.

Nancy Pelosi has us on the brink of war with China and Christopher Wray had a really important meeting that turned out to be with a school of trout in “bucolic Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks, which happens to be a favorite summer destination since his childhood.

New York conservative lawmaker Elise Stefanik was quick to call for action in wake of the disturbing raid. “There must be an immediate investigation and accountability into Joe Biden and his Administration’s weaponizing this department against their political opponents — the likely 2024 Republican candidate for President of the United States.

Ohio Congressman Mike Turner, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, requested an “immediate briefing” from FBI Director Christopher Wray, saying the agency’s action was “unprecedented” and that he was “unaware of any actual or alleged national security threat” posed by anything which might happen to be in Trump’s possession.

FR24 confirmed Wray’s private Gulfstream has already flown back to pick him up at the lake and deliver him to D.C. The public can’t wait for him to be dragged in front of Charles Grassley. Not only will he have the raid to account for, he lied to Chuck when he said he couldn’t stick around another twenty minutes. That’s a crime. Since the FBI makes the laws, so what?


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