Pentagon Announcement ROCKS Nation… Nation at RISK

    Pentagon Launches Investigation Into Trump

    Our nation is in danger of not being able to defend itself.

    This is NOT hyperbole, by any definition.

    It is, however, a result of this administration’s woke policies and an entire generation of entitled brats that do not feel the need to serve their country.

    No Recruits

    Military readiness is very much in jeopardy right now.

    With only seven weeks left in the recruiting season for the fiscal year, the Army is barely over its midway goals.

    At 52 percent and the primary recruiting season over, it is unlikely the Army will be above 60 percent for the year.

    In terms of actual boots, that puts us shy by about 15,000 troops.

    One aspect of this is a selfish and weak pool.

    Most of the 17-24-year-olds that would be in a normal recruiting pool are already disqualified because they are obese, drug users, or have a criminal record.

    About 90 percent of the remaining have no desire to serve.

    The other reason…

    Well, watch this recruitment video, then think about the recruitment videos we saw as kids, and tell me if you think it would inspire anyone to join the military…

    Instead of seeing action shots, we have a cartoon of a girl raised by a lesbian couple.

    Just how many people does the Pentagon think that would appeal to?


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