They’re Taking a Step Back For a Stronger Push Forward


Sometimes, you need to take a step back or turn sideways before you can move forward. The harsh situational realities which Ron Coleman faces today are very similar to the ones General George Washington were staring at, during the fateful winter of 1777.

A step back but not ‘downtrodden’

Taking a step or two backwards is far from admitting defeat. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Physical necessity, combined with the fact that our alleged government has effectively closed down for the holidays, means Grey Wolf Walk for Freedom needs to reassess the group strategy.

Pushing on relentlessly just to prove a point would twist a promising patriotic movement into a “Grey Wolf trudge through snow.” None of Ron Coleman’s dedicated patriotic supporters want that. At least, Carson City, Nevada, is a whole lot warmer than Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Optimistic about the future, the Wolf Pack are “establishing their winter camp.

The very first “step” for American freedom happened even before the “great” nation of America existed. When the Continental Army was nothing but “a collection of disparate colonial militias supported by hundreds of camp followers and allies.

Today, we have a whole bunch of splintered “patriot” groups, each pursuing separate goals and agendas with a similar purpose in mind. Restoring the full power of our beloved Constitution, weeding out corruption in the bureaucracy and ensuring “rule of law.

Under George Washington’s leadership, that ragtag band of misfits, who would have been crushed into the dust on their own, became a “cohesive and disciplined fighting force.” They stood up, went out and MADE history.

One small step at a time adds up. In late 1777, the British “occupied the patriot capital of Philadelphia.” Today, the Democrats do and they will until January.

Patriots down but not out

Washington decided to take the obvious step of wintering his troops at Valley Forge. He chose that location because it was a single day’s march from the city. When Grey Wolf Walk continues, they’re kicking around the idea of something similar.

Staging a whole bunch of folks close enough to D.C. to stroll right in. Hopefully, by then we’ll get those Brazil and Hong Kong size crowds we’re hoping for.

Another reason Washington chose Valley Forge was because it was “a naturally defensible plateau where they could train and recoup from the year’s battles while winter weather, impassable roads, and scant supplies stopped the fighting.


Grey Wolf needs to take a regroup and resupply stop, as a necessary step to freedom, as well. As explained by the National Park Service, “contrary to popular myth, the Continental soldiers marching in to Valley Forge, were not downtrodden — just exhausted and ill-supplied.

Leader of the Grey Wolf Pack, Ron Coleman, has been postponing shoulder surgery for the cause. It’s obvious that Congress is in “lame duck mode,” until the House changes hands in late January. On top of that, it’s far too cold to walk with local patriots through their towns and villages.

On the other hand, now is the perfect time to get medical attention for his shoulder. A step back now will put Ron in much better shape to lead us into battle once again, once the roads clear. Just like that ragtag army in 1777, we are “cautiously optimistic about the future” and resigning ourselves “to the task of establishing” our winter camp.


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