The Walk For Freedom Continues…With Exploring Local Patriotism


As America prepares to celebrate the autumn tradition of Halloween, patriots Ron “Grey Wolf” Coleman and his freedom-fighting ground crew have the golden opportunity to take a deep breath and spend some quiet time with the friendly inhabitants of Vandalia, Illinois. That’s the problem, things are far too quiet and the silence has become deafening.

Patriots at historic junction

Unfortunately, the Veteran’s Administration bureaucracy isn’t set up to care for wounded patriots trekking across the nation, fighting for freedom. The reason for the delay in Ron Coleman’s journey to Washington, D.C., as a modern day “pony express” rider, is to allow an MRI of his painful shoulder.

The computer spit out a referral for his home town back in Nevada. Once that was straightened out, images were taken but turned out inconclusive. While options are being explored in the local medical community, team Grey Wolf decided to explore the local level of patriotism.


One of the area’s true patriots, Brad, originally from Effingham, Illinois, was nice enough to pay for an entire week’s stay in Vandalia. So, that’s one less thing for Grey Wolf to worry about until November 3.

Still, this effort continues to need every bit of your financial support. Geographically, the town sits 69 miles northeast of St. Louis, on the Kaskaskia River. Right at the point were the “National Road” from our capitol to the frontier ended.

One of the reasons patriots like Grey Wolf love the town so much is because of it’s connections with Abraham Lincoln. The town served as the state capitol of Illinois from 1819 until 1839.

They had to keep rebuilding the statehouse so they ended up with four of them. The third is currently in use as a museum and well worth a visit. Followers of Grey Wolf were thrilled with the experience recently.

Scene of the action

The biggest battle which patriots who support Grey Wolf are fighting is the one to be noticed. The silence has become deafening. A mainstream media blackout was to be expected but the social media blackout is stunning. While it is true that there are a number of awareness raising efforts out there right now, some of them “spin offs” splintered from this spring’s People’s Convoy, nobody outside small groups of loyal fans are talking about any of them.

Team Grey Wolf wants to give a big shout out to blogger “Captain Convey.” He’s doing his part to spread the word. Unfortunately, he’s a little frustrated. All we can say to him is that “we get it. We are too and we’re trying.” It might not be the good news patriots want to report but we credit him for being insightful and honest. For the record, here is his comment:

I have come to realize that watching grey wolf walk across America is an ongoing depressing trek to watch. Grey Wolf goes through towns that are for the most part barren and lifeless. People don’t appear much anywhere. Ron keeps hoping that people will respond but they don’t. Its depressing to watch Ron’s efforts and see the trek he is undertaking seem to be like a set he is walking on in a ghost town.

Ron is not a loser but those people who are absent and missing in action are losers. Keep on treking Ron. You’re like the postman who keeps on delivering no matter what. Maybe as you continue your trek across America it will become less depressing to watch and hopefully people will appear and join you etc.” Captain Convey is absolutely right and one of America’s most valuable patriots for speaking up and saying so.

The biggest battle we fight is against this depressing lack of enthusiasm. You can help by adding your voice. Be heard and especially seen, walking along with Grey Wolf. The towns have indeed been desolate. That’s a symptom of our repressed economy. To make up for that, Grey Wolf has been focusing on the opportunities to explore history in virtually every one of the tiny towns he walks through. They remind us of a time when America may not have been great but certainly seemed that way. American greatness is all in the attitude.

That attitude is exactly what seems to be missing today. Without the power of diesel semis or the tractors of farmers behind them, it’s easy for a small band of dedicated patriots to get lost in the political weeds. We can understand that but not accept it. Everyone who believes in America as a sovereign nation with it’s own set of laws based on the Constitution owes it to future generations to stand up and make some noise. If you’re in the vicinity of Vandalia, come meet Grey Wolf and give him YOUR message for our alleged representatives in Washington.



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