Brazilians Busted Wetbacking in From Canada


How the Brazilians got into Canada isn’t known at this time but they were busted sneaking into America. They surprisingly did it by wetbacking the northern border, for a change. One “alleged human smuggling suspect” was arrested along with the South Americans. Saturday was really busy for Customs and Border Protection in Michigan.

Brazilians cross the St. Clair River

The yet unidentified Canadian coyote helping Brazilians “enter the United States from Canada on a jet ski” is not in custody but his American counterpart is. They had a regular taxi service going. On Tuesday, August 23, Customs and Border Protection officials announced some details of the border incursion which happened Saturday.

Alert agents with Air and Marine Operations were flying near the Blue Water Bridge. That’s when they “spotted the watercraft with three people cross the international border on the St. Clair River.” One person, all by himself, might have made it. Three on a jet ski stands out like a neon sign.

A total of four South Americans were arrested with a U.S.citizen. After Border Patrol agents spotted their target, they watched it “land near Port Huron.” Two people “exited the jet ski and began walking down the road while the jet ski returned to Canada.” The men were expected.

Not far down the road, they “entered a pick-up truck, which was then stopped by CBP agents.” Authorities identified the driver “as a 39-year-old U.S. citizen. The two passengers were 34- and 35-year-old male Brazilians who both admitted to illegally crossing into the United States. All three were arrested.

Not long after that, agents spotted the same jet ski coming back with another load. It followed the same path across the St. Clair River carrying three people. Once again, “two people exited the jet ski and began to walk inland.” Their ride wasn’t there to meet them but police were. they contacted the pair, a “47-year-old male and 44-year-old female.

Both “were identified as Brazilians and admitted to illegally crossing the border.” They were taken to join their friends in a cell. The probably Canadian jet ski driver was allowed back to his side of the fence but the Mounties have a few questions for him.


Mounties got their man

U.S. officials formally confirmed that “all four non-citizen subjects” were Brazilians and “none have legal status to be present in the United States.” The driver of the pick-up truck was booked in on unlawful transport charges.

Quick thinking CBP agents radioed across to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and gave them a heads up about the returning jet ski. That “resulted in the arrest of two more people, authorities said. That investigation is ongoing.

According to Chief Patrol Agent Robert Danley, “I could not be prouder of the men and women of Detroit Sector. These criminals made their brazen attempt on a busy weekend without regard, or fear of our law-abiding community.

He’s going to get the fast answer award, back at the office, for coming up with that classic soundbite when the press stuck a mic in his face. He makes it sound like the Brazilians were terrorists ready to shoot up Detroit.

It is really suspicious that these Brazilians took the long way around from South America just to get in. All anyone else has to do is walk across the border into Texas and get an instant free ride to New York City. Why go to the hassle of breaking into Canada in order to break into America. That makes it look like they really might be terrorists.

Especially, when nobody wants to talk about those three guys in ghillie suits rounded up in New Mexico who obviously aren’t even a little bit Latino. Alejandro Mayorkas keeps swearing up and down that wide open borders aren’t any sort of threat to national security at all.


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