They’re in Control…Here’s How They Did It


The liberal left has pretty much decriminalized crime in all the jurisdictions they control. Matt Palumbo over at New York post did a good article about exactly how they did it, though he sort of missed an important point. If he didn’t miss it, then he’s misdirecting you into focusing your anger in a harmless direction. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on his intentions but we don’t have George Soros to kick around anymore. He did his, in conservative opinion, “evil deeds,” then crawled away to die. Klaus Schwab is a much better target of your attention, now.

Blame crime wave on Soros

It’s okay to blame George Soros for the massive spike in violent crime. There is a whole bunch of evidence as to precisely how he did it. The New York Post wants you to think the 92-year-old is still doing it. That’s factually incorrect. He couldn’t do it again with a truck load of little blue pills.

The Hungarian born investor is the architect behind Open Societies, which allegedly spawned Antifa®. He’s been called “evil incarnate” by the right, and rightfully so. He’s out to destroy America as a “nation” and always has been. The World Economic Forum, run by Klaus Scwhab, has long favored open borders “globalism.” George didn’t bother to show his face in Davos this year. His work is done. And done well.

Everyone watched in horror as George openly bought and paid for prosecutors across the United States. Nobody in charge of stopping such things did anything about it. He literally spent “billions” on his agenda. Millions went to, as the Post points out, “prosecutors who don’t prosecute.” Now, everyone wonders where all the crime came from.

Before he oozed away into the cracks, Soros quietly bypassed state and federal legislators “to decide which laws will be followed.” The end result, the Post declares, is that “law and order has eroded.” Take Loudoun County, Virginia, for instance.

The low-down on Loudoun is that Commonwealth Attorney Buta Biberaj made a big announcement last week. It seems that her office will no longer “be directly involved in the prosecution of misdemeanor charges.” That means all the “hit-and-run, eluding police, reckless driving, trespassing, public drunkenness and failure to appear” cases just went in the trash. Total waste of time to even arrest anyone. Those who commit crime are ecstatic. Who out there can honestly say they’re thrilled that reckless driving is no big deal.

Build a big wall like that one Biden just put up around his beach house to protect yourself. Before some drunken, police eluding, recklessly driving person trespasses across your lawn at 3 a.m., doing 80 mph, with cops in hot pursuit. They could arrest him but the underprivileged suspect would fail to appear in court. It’s okay, Buta Biberaj insists. Failure to appear, just like the rest of the night’s fun isn’t worth prosecuting. The cops who chased, meanwhile, will be on suspension and under investigation. That should keep them safely off the streets for a while.

More serious ones, too

Soros cheerfully handed her campaign $659,000 but it was still a close race. She’s been sabotaging the criminal justice system on his behalf since January 2020. Ms. Biberaj claims for show that “letting all these crimes go unpunished would allow her office to devote more resources to victims of more serious crimes.

The only problem is the “murder, rape, and domestic violence” are being treated like speeding tickets. She stopped doing misdemeanors but has also been “neglecting” the felony crime. The board of supervisors slashed her budget “due to high turnover and her handling of domestic-violence cases.” She only brought 8% of 735 cases to trial.

Biberaj isn’t an isolated incident of corruption in action, either. The Post notes she “is just one of 75 prosecutors nationwide who were backed by Soros for their pro-criminal bents.” More than one in every state. He got a lot of sabotage for the $40 million he invested. He managed to buy one in five American prosecutors.

Getting one person elected who “refuses to enforce the law” is a whole lot easier than “flipping a legislature and changing the law.” It obviously works, if you want to spike crime through the roof.

As the post points out, you already know which prosecutors were bought by Soros because “these prosecutors have become household names.” St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, Chicago’s Kim Foxx and now-recalled Chesa Boudin of San Francisco. Boudin gets bonus points. He was “the son of 1960s radicals” and “raised by terrorist Bill Ayers.” He’s now world renowned as the one who “effectively legalized shoplifting” in San Francisco.

Crime in Portland, Oregon and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is so out of control that residents are turning to private security and vigilance committees. As the Post writes, “Philadelphia’s Larry Krasner (backed with nearly $1.5 million from Soros) dropped charges on more than 60% of shooting cases and 37% of illegal firearms cases in the two years after taking office in 2018. Not coincidentally, shootings and homicides have spiked since then.


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