The FBI Wanted Snitches…It Backfired


“Dear FBI,” the message began. “You said see something, snitch. So I’m snitching.” Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it. The feds learned that the hard way when a concerned but sarcastically inclined Portland citizen turned in a legitimate tip.

FBI snitch snafu

The FBI will never live down the snark in a snitch tip but it must have been effective. If anything did happen at the ICE house then the press are clamping down hard on all the coverage.

There were a few scattered shootings and stabbings throughout the downtown area but that’s normal. The Portland press is very careful not to confirm the snide remarks.

It appears that a local chapter of Antifa® activists planned a “violent protest” for the night of July 17th in Portland outside of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement building. Twitter lets anarchists and insurrectionists affiliated with Black Lives Matter™ tap out whatever they please, while censoring conservatives into oblivion.

Including the president of the United States. The tip sent in to the FBI snitch line “bears legitimate evidence of planned violence being orchestrated by one of the many Antifa-inspired groups allowed to organize on Twitter with impunity.” You can tell the writer isn’t real thrilled with the bureau.

“The violent ideologues of Antifa (since Antifa is only an idea, according to our pudding-head President) is planning a violent action against the Federal Courthouse in Portland tonight at 7PM. Details below.” He didn’t expect much from the FBI.

“Maybe this time you’ll actually do something to protect your fellow federal LEO brothers-in-arms instead of letting Antifa Blackshirts assault and hurl explosives at them, burn their eyes out with lasers or try to cook them in their own building like your snake of a director let happen last year for SIXTY-FOR DAYS STRAIGHT?”

Action against ICE

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. The one sent in by the snitch has “insurrection” written all over it. The FBI is going out of their way to ignore the whole mess.

The twitter account for Occupy ICE PDX was promoting the evenings planned “Action Against ICE” scheduled to begin promptly at “7:00 p.m. on July 17th at the ICE building located on 4310 SW Macadam Avenue.”

The “crudely drawn poster is promoting the violent protest, where it shows a person kicking an ICE agent in the face.” Also, “knocking out their eyeball.” The stylized boot bears the numbers “1312.”

That’s Antifa® code for “All Cops Are Bastards.” According to the tip, the FBI was warned to be alert. “Or are you too busy chasing down Capitol rowdies with Lego sets or following up on psychotic Marxist leftards snitching out family members with pocket Constitutions?”

The sarcastic tipster made sure to publicize his rant “far and wide so everyone in this country will know whether you acted or not with knowledge aforethought of a violent action. I say violent because that’s the history.” If the FBI dares to do the unthinkable, he was ready.

“Lastly, if you actually do something and arrest some of those Antifa Nazis in the act, could you please let us all know if any of them were previously pardoned by the Portland US Attorney’s Office or by the Department of Social Justice? Thank you very much!” Not only was everyone, including Andy Ngo, watching, the writer notes “I’d take J. Edgar Hoover in a dress over any of you clowns, especially your lying-ass director Wray.”


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