Jill Biden Shows the World Exactly What it Means to be An Elite


In true Democrat fashion, Jill Biden’s latest move shows the world exactly what it means to be a member of the elite class.

Jill Biden’s office has announced that she will soon be heading to Tokyo, Japan for the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Her husband, Joe Biden, will not be joining her.

Of course, since Tokyo has declared another state of emergency due to rising COVID infections, fans — meaning average people, not elites, who follow a separate set of rules — will not be allowed to attend.

New COVID cases in Tokyo surged to a six month high of 1,308, with many fearing a potentially dramatic increase could lead to a flood of patients in hospitals during the Olympics, which start on Friday, July 23, 2021, and will end on Sunday, August 8.

This is Tokyo’s fourth state of emergency since the start of the pandemic. The declaration will require restaurants and bars to close early, and not serve alcohol.

According to Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike, the largest increase in serious cases and hospitalizations occurred among people in their 50’s and younger, many of whom are unvaccinated. She also expressed concern about the impact of the surge on the medical system, as the increase is mostly due to the more contagious “delta strain.”

“We need to stay on alert,” Koike said, urging citizens to minimize outings and stick to basic protective measures “to overcome this very difficult situation.”

Apparently, the elites of the world — like Jill Biden — are not subject to the same rules that average people are. Going to the Olympics is not an essential outing, yet she is allowed to do so. “Rules for thee, but not for me” has become the mantra of the Democrat Party and their elite allies, and it is almost comical at this point.


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