Watchdog Group Sounds Alarm on Biden Nominee


The American Accountability Foundation (AAF) is sounding the alarm that they have found yet another reason for the U.S. Senate to deny confirmation to the Biden-Harris’ regimes’ favorite eco-terrorist: Tracy Stone-Manning. And this is after the Biden nominee was already caught dead to rights “intentionally trying to deceive” the Senate about being subject to a Federal investigation for ‘tree spiking‘ (a lethal form of eco-terrorist sabotage against loggers) in 1989. It’s another troubling Biden nominee.

As a brief reminder: Tree-spiking is a little-known but horrific tactic of eco-terrorists in which large spikes or comparatively smaller 60 penny nails are driven into trees about to be harvested deep into the bark where they will go undetected until a logger’s chainsaw or a sawmill’s band saw makes contact and shatters injuring or killing loggers and lumber workers. It’s a serious problem in major logging centers like Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon, and Washington.

According to Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) “Tracy Stone-Manning’s involvement in eco-terrorist activities is so extreme that even Obama’s Bureau of Land Management director called on Biden to withdraw her nomination.” Yikes.

So She Was Already A Vicious Eco-terrorist.

How could this get worse? You ask.

Well, dear connoisseurs of fine political writing: The Daily Wire reports to us that The American Accountability Foundation (AAF) says it found that as a congressional aide, Tracy Stone-Manning (Why do they always have three names?) “took a possibly unethical loan from a Montana developer and political donor” named Stuart Goldberg. The group alleged her testimony at a recent hearing before the Senate Committee on Energy and Resources revealed “problematic” financial dealings.”

The AAF described in detail the sweetheart loan deal that Stone-Manning was able to secure due to her position as an aide to Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) which can now open the Montana Democratic Senator to Ethics inquiries:

How About a Sweetheart Loan Deal for $110K From Her Boss’ Political Donor? No Cause for Alarm Right?

“In her questions for the record to the U.S. Senate, Stone-Manning describes that in 2008, Mr. Goldberg, who was a close friend of many years, lent her and her husband’s company $100,000 because of financial troubles. As the economy worsened and crashed, Stone-Manning’s business ultimately failed, leaving the outstanding loan from Goldberg unpaid. Rather than payback in full, Stone-Manning and her husband paid Goldberg $40,000 from the sale of their home and came to a verbal agreement that the remaining $60,000 would be converted to a personal loan, where Stone-Manning would pay Goldberg annual interest until she was able to pay off the principle of the loan.”

But wait, it gets worse, according to the Foundation, “Since the time she was extended a personal loan by Mr. Goldberg in 2009, Stone-Manning has taken out three different mortgages. One on March 11, 2009, when she took out a $257,400 mortgage from Golf Savings Bank. On April 28, 2010, Stone-Manning took out another mortgage with Wells Fargo for $297,800. And, finally, on November 15, 2017, Stone-Manning took out another mortgage from the Opportunity Bank of Montana.”

And At Least $555,000 In Fraudulent Loans On Top

“As the federal loan applications associated with federally insured loans make it clear that personal loans must be disclosed,

“Stone Manning’s history related to her mortgage borrowing shows she also likely committed mortgage fraud by failing to provide banks with all the required information.”

Soooo… that would make Stone-Manning not only a slimy eco-terrorist who flipped on her friends for immunity only to go work for the machine she was trying to destroy. (Boy, talk about a common refrain for Democrats) But also a flagrantly corrupt DC backroom deal broker. Wow, Joe sure can pick em’ can’t he!

Unfortunately, according to Politico, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) reportedly has decided to disturbingly cave to the pressure of his party. It seems that Stone-Manning’s committee vote is all but assured.

But the Democrats are going to have to sign their names to this one, with a flat 50/50 split in the Senate, Majority Leader Schumer will be forced to call in Kamala Harris, showing everyone in the nation another crack in this Government’s legitimacy.


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