Last Remaining Officers in Portland Forced to Face More Destruction and Violence


A riot was declared for the second night in a row in Oregon on Tuesday, after Black Lives Matter tried to have a pig roast. The way local press reports it, demonstrators peacefully set fire to the cop shop in pursuit of justice. A “fire was lit in a garbage can that was placed next to the Portland Police Association building.”

Portland police under attack

The police are under attack but nobody dares to call it an insurrection and more importantly, Imperial Palace leadership from His Wisdom Joe Biden on down refuses to lift a finger to do anything about it.

Just before 10 p.m. the few remaining members of the Portland Police Bureau tweeted a situation report, noting that “a group of about 100 people were moving from Kenton Park to block traffic on North Lombard Street.”

Using industrial grade fireworks for a barrage of cover fire, BLM-slash-Antifa fanatics assaulted the Portland police HQ as officers begged them to “get out of the street and stay off PPA property.”

BLM forces were well prepared for the organized assault. One anarchist was observed using an “unknown accelerant on the wooden framing around a door of the building, then lit it on fire.” It’s no surprise that flames quickly engulfed the doorway.

It was just another night for the Portland Police department. They have the boilerplate tweets all ready to roll, just changing the details to say which building is under attack.

“A riot has been declared by @PortlandPolice and the PPA building is on fire,” the local Faux outlet added. All it took to spark this off was for police in Minnesota to do their job. Daunte Wright thought he could resist arrest and the cop thought she was reaching for her taser. Both of them were wrong.

Bottles, rocks and ball bearings

The night before, the mob surrounded the Penumbra Kelly Building in east Portland. Police “declared a riot after some in the group threw glass bottles, frozen water bottles, rocks, ball bearings and other objects.”

On Monday night they were shooting fireworks at the police too. On Tuesday, before the nightly riot, Capt. Tina Jones called Monday’s incident “a planned, coordinated, attack on the police and this building.” They did it again that night with better luck. They might get in tonight.

At 10:16 p.m., police were so astounded that they had been forced to make an arrest that they tweeted about it. One person was actually arrested and Portland Fire & Rescue responded to put out the Police Department.

They made sure to post photos “of the fire, charred entry, and @PDXFire personnel assisting in extinguishing the flames.” Shortly after the arrest, when the flames were extinguished, the crowd finally agreed to go home.

The one and only person arrested by Portland PD in connection with the whole riot was “identified as 19-year-old Alma Raven-Guido, who now faces a charge of second-degree arson.”

Alma was a well prepared arsonist. According to police, “bottles full of probable accelerant and lighters were among items seized from Raven-Guido during her arrest. She was also in possession of a crowbar, spray paint, and a heavy marker.” She’s one hot date. Ms. Raven-Guido is estimated to have caused “$25,000 in damage to the PPA building.”


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