The stench of corruption overpowering the Federal Bureau of Instigation is so pervasive there can be only one swamp Drano solution strong enough to clean it out. A total overhaul of the entire agency. It’s long past time for J. Edgar Hoover’s blackmail tactics to end.

Overhaul to clear the stench

According to former FBI special agent Stuart Kaplan, there is only one way to get rid of the stench of corruption rising from the Washington Field Office. “There needs to be an agency overhaul.

He appeared on Fox with Dan Bongino. Christopher Wray, he insists, “needs to step down.” That’s only the beginning of the long overdue headquarters housecleaning.

The smirking and aloof FBI Ambiguator Christopher Wray is “a prodigy of what was left over by the former director, Jim Comey.” Comey, you may remember, was the one who let Hillary Clinton off the hook. “Jim Comey left a stench behind that continues to permeate since May of 2017.

We gave Chris a chance and he blew it. “Chris Wray, unfortunately, really had an opportunity to put the FBI back on track, and really what has happened is the wheels have fallen off and there needs to be a regime change.

The swamp stench has been rising from the bureau for a long time now. The FBI is squarely in the middle of a second election rigging by covering up Hunter Biden’s laptop.

This time, not only do we need to have the director step down,” Kaplan declares, “we need a complete overhaul of the FBI headquarters.” He would like to bring in a bulldozer “and just clean house from top to bottom and retool it.

Hide the laptop saga

The stench coming out of Timothy Thibault’s office is overpowering enough to trigger an evacuation of the entire building. He quietly retired and disappeared into hiding just as the fertilizer hit the fan.

When Hunter’s bodily fluid dripping laptop came in, he ordered honest agents not to even think about looking at it because it was full of nasty Russian disinformation. All of the device contents have since been independently authenticated.

Verifying all the evidence on the laptop makes 50 former agents look really bad. They went public to declare once and for all that everything was bogus Russian disinformation.


Just as they were told by bureau bigwigs to say. They were wrong. The stench became overpowering enough to trigger whistleblowers when Hunter’s business partner confessed to everything. That was covered up, too.

Tony Bobulinski spent five hours spilling his guts and naming names to the FBI. Names like Hunter Biden, James Biden, Joe Biden, Ye Jianming, Mykola Zlochevsky and Gabriel Popoviciu. The evidence of a Biden family influence peddling scheme he vomited up was personally flushed by none other than Timothy Thibault.

The stench didn’t go away and its coming back to haunt the entire bureau. On October 23, 2020, Bobulinski handed the FBI every scrap of evidence they needed to verify the laptop and press charges against Hunter, Joe, and Jim Biden. They sat on the information and it rotted. Now, the whole bureau stinks.


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