Tax-Funded Globalist Media Wages War on Nationalist Oversight


Nobody paid much attention to the liberal slant of taxpayer funded broadcasting until they started getting overtly political, especially with heavy handed censorship of conservative ideas while going out of their way to spread progressive propaganda.

When conservative Michael Pack took over as CEO at the U.S. Agency for Global Media he made some powerful globalist enemies. Deep state elements in the federal Office of Special Counsel stated Wednesday that it had found “a substantial likelihood of wrongdoing” by the conservative.

Taxpayer-funded media shouldn’t be so biased

Micheal Pack has been terrifying liberals since he took the reins at the the U.S. Agency for Global Media, which is the parent company for National Public Radio and Voice of America, in addition to other government sponsored outlets.

Progressives are upset that he “turned it upside down.” He’s been “sidelining top executives, firing network chiefs, and deep-sixing requests for visa extensions for foreign staffers.”

Liberals are especially outraged that “Pack had two senior political aides with records of strongly pro-Trump ideological statements investigate journalists for perceived anti-Trump bias.”

He even dared to “push for sympathetic news coverage of the president during the campaign.” The watchdog finding, liberal media pundits declare, “is yet another formal and stinging rebuke to Pack’s actions, though it is not a final determination.”

Late last month, left leaning federal Judge Beryl Howell ruled that “Pack had acted unconstitutionally in investigating his own journalists on political grounds.”

You can’t investigate the media for bias, George Soros doesn’t like it. “She ordered him to stop intervening inside VOA’s newsrooms.”

Muslims at every level

Pack got in hot water when he busted the Urdu language services branch of Voice of America producing a Joe Biden campaign video.

In the taxpayer funded media spot, Biden promises that Muslims will serve “at every level” in his administration and “reiterated his pledge to repeal President Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ on his first day in office.”

After an investigation, the involved contractors were terminated. VOA beams “news and information to Urdu-speaking audiences in Pakistan, India and around the world” and used public media money to post “a video on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts which was nothing but pro-Biden propaganda aimed at Muslims.”

The fired workers fought back hard and so far, they seem to be winning. Karen Tanenbaum, a lawyer working in the retaliation and disclosure unit of the Office of Special Counsel, couldn’t wait to tell the media whistleblowers about the watchdog’s finding. VOA and the other federally-financed networks under USAGM serve more than 350 million people overseas each week.

They are intended to model how independent journalism works, to convey American pluralism by fairly depicting political debate. Running ads for Biden doesn’t seem very fair but checking into it turns out to be worse.


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