HERE WE GO: Sidney Powell Supplies the Goods

Sidney Powell Supplies the Goods

Attorney Sidney Powell has unveiled a new bombshell. The attorney, who is working on election fraud cases independently of the Trump campaign, has some news about ballot harvesting.

Despite the mainstream medias attempts to paint her as a conspiracy theorist and a hack, Sidney Powell is refusing to back down.

On the eve of Thanksgiving, Powell filed two separate lawsuits in key swing states, each including several affidavits from witnesses who had personally seen voter fraud occurring during the ballot counting process in Georgia and Michigan.

Now, following these lawsuits, Powell has emerged with another bombshell about ballot harvesting. The attorney has alleged that she has obtained pictures of check stubs which show that people were being paid for ballot harvesting in favor of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

“We’ve got pictures of the check stubs paid to people to ballot harvest,” she said, also mentioning that the recent presidential election was filled with fraud and other irregularities, more than what has been alleged so far.

Powell was then asked by the interviewer how many illegal votes she believed Joe Biden had received. “Probably at least 10 million,” the attorney answered.

“10 million fraudulent votes?” the interviewer clarified.

“Probably,” Powell replied.

“And President Trump lost 7 million votes? And how many dead people? How many votes of dead people were cast do you think?” the host asked.

Powell answered that she and her team were still tracking the numbers, but said that if the information she has gathered so far is correct, the number may be around seven million.

Listen to the interview with Powell:

If even half of these allegations by Sidney Powell are true, the 2020 election results are hopelessly inaccurate. The investigations are still ongoing, though many have been dismissed or rejected by corrupt judges. If the American people do not see these allegations being resolved, how can they be expected to trust the results of any future election?


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