Well Respected US Reps Call on AG Barr and John Durham to ‘DO YOUR JOBS’


Conservative Lawmakers Andy Biggs of Arizona and Jody Hice of Georgia teamed up with other House Freedom Caucus members to demand Attorney General William Barr and John Durham do their jobs. They want to see any findings, if there are any, of “investigations into allegations of 2020 election fraud.” They’re furious that “Barr says there isn’t enough evidence to turn over the election.” It’s totally ridiculous. “We don’t let people off for only trying to murder someone,” Louie Gohmert thundered.

Nobody doing their jobs anymore

An impassioned Louis Gohmert is fed up with the “widespread evidence of fraud because people haven’t done their jobs.” John Durham has been blowing smoke for months and Bill Barr seems even milder than Jeff Sessions was.

It makes Americans wonder what kind of dirt the Deep State has on these people. We would much rather be pinning medals on them. As Gohmert points out, “Durham and Barr will deserve a big notation in history when it’s written about the rise and fall of the U.S.”

The problem is that it looks like unless we have drastic intervention now, the Republic will fall.

The write up in the history books won’t be so favorable “if they don’t clean up this mess.” It’s way past time to “clean up the fraud. DO YOUR JOBS & save this country.”

Americans don’t know if we even have laws anymore. You can get arrested for appearing in public without a mask but not for burning and looting a Walmart. All of the elite criminals walk around free to appear on network news shows and sell books.

The FBI agent who admitted forging an email used to get approval to spy on President Trump expects to get off with probation. The worst he is looking at is six months in jail, which due to Covid, will probably be served in home detention.

It’s absurd. If those who swore an oath to defend the Constitution don’t start doing their jobs, patriots will take it into their own hands.

Accountability and justice

Arizona’s Representative Andy Biggs said what’s on the mind of most Americans these days. “It’s time for accountability and justice for those who attempted to subvert our Constitution and the rule of law.”

We’re all upset that nobody is doing their jobs. “We have been waiting patiently for the Durham findings, but we must have answers, transparency, and a day of reckoning.” There are major consequences.

“If they won’t, then I am afraid for the future of America,” Biggs warned. “Barr is capable and qualified, and he has what he needs to do the job, but he is missing in action.”

Representative Jody Hice of Georgia notes the stakes are even higher than that. If the protectors of liberty aren’t doing their jobs then we are certainly done for.

“This is not a hill to die on, this is THE hill to die on.” Enough is enough. “We have been asking for the Attorney General to do something about protecting the integrity of the 2020 Presidential election, and now there is a fraud.”

The “rise and fall of the United States will fall on Barr and Durham” because “people have not done their jobs.” That’s why we need a full and complete audit of every ballot, if not a total do over, under military supervision.

“The only way we will know is if they have federal investigators in now and do an audit. Votes were counted in secret, and we want to know why.”


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