Republicans Just Saved America from Tyranny


Republicans stuck together for a change and managed to defeat a Democrat sponsored bill that would have insured a liberal lock on their tyranny for generations to come. Progressive socialists were asking for the sun and the moon and the stars. Now they’re throwing a temper tantrum because conservatives wouldn’t cave in. All of the RINOs were missing in action this time around.

Republicans say no

For once, Republicans in the Senate took Nancy Reagan’s advice and just said no. They had to rely on the filibuster process to do it. Democrats had a bold scheme cooked up to “overhaul the nation’s election system.” That’s putting it extremely mildly.

What it really was is “a transparently partisan plan to tilt every election in America permanently in their favor,” Mitch McConnell complained.

His Wisdom Joe Biden considers this his “first major legislative loss” but he better get used to it because it won’t be his last. Republicans used the tried and true tool of the Senate called the “filibuster” to kill “legislation which sprawled across more than 800 pages of text.”

If Democrats had their way the new law would have “overridden state election laws across the country.” Pundits say it “collapsed under the weight of its own liberal tilt.” Each and every one of the 50 Republican Senators voted no. Even the RINOs like Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski.

The misleadingly labeled “For the People Act” was shot down in flames with both sides accusing the other of “trying to rig elections in their favor.” Democrats were promising their radical socialist followers that this was their “concrete chance” to get back at Once and Future President Donald Trump and his insistence that last year’s election was stolen right out from under him.

Republicans have managed to tighten security with new state laws in a few places and the idea is spreading. Democrats are terrified and were planning on using this proposal as a preemptive strike to nullify any state laws that oppose their evil plans.

Hurting Democrat chances

Enraged progressives are convinced that things like requiring ID to vote only hurts the chances of Democratic candidates so it’s biased. They need to be allowed to cheat fair-and-square.

“Voter suppression has become the official platform of the Republican Party,” Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer fumed following the Democrat defeat. They aren’t giving up easy. Democrats, Schumer promises “will not let it go. We will not let it die.” Republicans say it never had a chance and never will.

The red team agrees, even the RINOs, that “there was never a chance of passage in a 50-50 Senate,” and Democrats didn’t make a singe effort to honestly work with Republicans on a bipartisan bill. Instead, they cooked up “a transparently partisan plan to tilt every election in America permanently in their favor.”

Even Maine RINO Susan Collins called it partisan bickering. “This is a bill that was introduced to enhance partisan messaging, not to enhance participation in our elections, as the over-the-top rhetoric around this bill highlights.”

Another RINO, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, agrees that “Americans need to have faith in our institutions. They need to know that our elections are fair, that they are easy and accessible for all. And we can’t instill that trust with a wholly partisan effort.” Republicans were livid at the way radical socialists tried to pull off a “complete overhaul of how campaigns are run and elections conducted, setting standards that track with the laws in the most liberal states.”

Things like automatic voter registration, same day registration, and counting mail in ballots after election day. Joe Biden is taking all the heat for the bills failure. Liberals are holding him directly responsible. “Where is the president?” Ezra Levin tweeted. He’s founder of the liberal activist group Indivisible. Levin is disappointed that Biden “did not twist arms in the way President Obama did to pass the Affordable Care Act or President Clinton did to get the North American Free Trade Agreement through Congress.” Saving democracy must not be a priority for Imperial Leader Joe Biden, he scolds.


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