Dark Secrets and Sinister Truths Swirl Around Arizona Audit

Dark Secrets and Sinister Truths Swirl Around Arizona Audit

A local sheriff in Arizona allegedly went ballistic when he was told to give election auditors access to the county’s routers from the 2020 election.

Now, continuing his tantrum, he is refusing to answer any questions about trying to stall the audit.

Maricopa County’s left-wing sheriff, Paul Penzone, says that demands for access to Maricopa County’s routers would “jeopardize the entire mission of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.”

As this clearly makes no sense, we can likely chalk it up to another blatant attempt by the left to stop the audit, as Democrats have been trying to do so for months.

The Gateway Pundit contributor Jordan Conradson confronted the sheriff regarding the election audit currently underway in Arizona, asking him why he is against the state’s audit, and whether he was against election integrity.

Rather than actually answering Conradson’s questions, Penzone claimed that the questions weren’t even “remotely accurate,” and instructed the reporter to make an appointment with his office to discuss the topic.

The chances that this appointment is actually kept are likely slim. Democrats never have to answer questions about their positions or their actions, why would it be any different in this case?

Of course, there’s some skeletons in Penzone’s closet that explain his reluctance to answer questions or to aid in the audit.

During his campaign to become sheriff, Penzone received a $2 million contribution from billionaire George Soros, which was the largest individual contribution made to a local race by the radical far-left financier that year.

The fact that a local sheriff received that much money from Soros raises some serious concerns. Was he put in his position on purpose to aid in the coverup of some sort of election fraud scheme, or is this just a coincidence?

Watch the reporter’s video below:

“Sheriff Penzone of Maricopa County was confronted by a reporter and he would not answer simple questions.

Penzone, who has denied the auditors access to the routers, received $2 million from George Soros in 2016 and defeated ‘Sheriff Joe [Arpaio]’ who had won the previous 7 elections,” the tweet containing the video read.


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