Kamala Harris Has Rivers of Blood on Her Hands, New Information Surfaces

Kamala Harris Has Rivers of Blood on Her Hands, New Information Surfaces

Kamala Harris’ dark past has resurfaced, despite the left and their allies in mainstream media trying desperately to bury it.

While she was a prosecutor in San Francisco, Kamala Harris was at fault for murder.

During her time as a prosecutor, Harris had the opportunity to deport Edwin Ramos when he was arrested in her city. Instead of doing the right thing, she let him go.

Known to the police as a member of the MS-13 gang, illegal immigrant Edwin Ramos had been arrested several times for a variety of crimes, including assault, attempted robbery, street gang membership, and assaulting a pregnant woman. Again and again, corrupt leftist officials chose not to deport him. Many of his crimes were committed while he was a minor, and despite knowing that the Salvadoran was in the U.S. illegally, juvenile officials refused to report him to federal authorities, citing a city law granting “sanctuary” to illegal immigrants.

While the leftist argument about sanctuary for law-abiding illegal immigrants may warrant a discussion, the idea that an illegal immigrant with a list of crimes like Ramos should be permitted to stay in the U.S. is unconscionable. But apparently, Kamala Harris thought it was just fine.

Not only did she refuse to prosecute Ramos, she was actually responsible for an alleged “mishap” in communication that led to Ramos being allowed to stay in the U.S.

Ramos then paid back her generosity by murdering a family.

Three innocent people, a father and his two sons, were driving back from a family barbecue, when Ramos supposedly ‘mistook’ them for some rival gang members and shot them.

The grieving widow and mother of this family begged and pleaded for Harris to push for the death penalty, but she declined.

This is something Kamala Harris is pretty well-known for as a prosecutor, refusing to give the death penalty to people who clearly deserve it. Digging deep into her record, there are several cases like this. She has used her position to decline to prosecute her ex-boyfriend Willie Brown, people who had given significant donations to her campaign, clients of law firms she was connected to, and clients of her husband’s law firm.

The left and the mainstream media attempted to hide these stories, likely to prevent them from effecting the 2020 election, but the American people have a right to know. They should have known before the election, but at least the truth is coming out now.


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