Police Body Cam Destroys the De-Fund Narrative


On Wednesday, officials in Columbus, Ohio released body camera footage of Officers conducting an anything but routine pat-down in a hospital emergency room. It shows exactly why police on the street need more funding, not less. Social workers can’t handle the animals wandering America’s streets these days. After a fight for the gun concealed in Miles Jackson’s waistband, a standoff ensued which didn’t end well for the Black suspect.

A struggle with police

Of course, simply because another Black criminal was killed by police, riots immediatley followed. Pretty much everyone can agree that this incident should never have happened, but it did. Liberals will never see anything except repression of civil rights in the body camera footage but conservatives acknowledge what it really shows.

The video underscores exactly how deadly the streets of America are these days, when even veteran officers can miss a concealed deadly weapon until after it’s way too late. Also, it shows how quickly things get totally confusing.

Somebody dropped 27-year-old Miles Jackson off at the emergency room of the Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital on the outskirts of Columbus. It’s not clear what his medical complaint was on Monday, but he soon “walked away, and eventually was discovered passed out in a nearby bank parking lot.”

That was when he encountered police for the first time that day. Officers from the Westerville PD “responded to that call and followed medics who were taking Jackson back to the hospital.” They frisked him but, obviously, not real well. Those officers are currently on suspension with a lot of explaining to do.

Video from that body cam documents the cursory pat-down by the Westerville police officer. “I’m just going to pat you down real quick, make sure you ain’t got nothing on you, right, no weapons, nothing like that?” All Jackson had to say was repeatedly asking for a cigarette because he “had anxiety.”

He also had a gun in his pants which the officer totally missed. By the time they got him back to the hospital, they were aware he had some outstanding warrants in Columbus, so they called for a transfer pickup. That’s usually a routine thing, but for law enforcement, nothing is ever routine. Especially not when the warrants are for things like domestic violence, resisting arrest and a gun charge.

Caught that earlier

The officer who was conducting the transfer procedure will probably cringe every time he hears the tape of the audio in court. The police officer briefly cuffed Jackson’s left hand to the bed, then took off the cuffs and started collecting the prisoner’s belongings.

“You don’t have nothing sharp in your pockets, do you? Hopefully somebody would have caught that earlier.” Guess what. Then, the plot thickened when a “bullet dropped from Jackson’s pants.” Sherlock Holmes didn’t miss a trick. “Uh oh. Got a little bullet action,” he calmly quipped. “Don’t see people carrying those around every day.”

That’s about when the situation started to deteriorate. The police officer located the gun in the suspects pants and requested his partner to “get Jackson’s arm around him.” The reason, “he’s got a gun.”

The partner kept tasing the suspect repeatedly while the first officer struggled for the gun and they both fell to the floor. While the two men fought for control of the weapon, “a shot can then be heard in the video, apparently from the gun in Jackson’s waistband.”

That’s when the officer with the taser backed off to the hallway. The first officer appears to return fire then used the exam table for cover, while Jackson cowered on the floor behind the bed with the gun underneath him and apparently in his right hand. Thats when the whole team of police started screaming orders.

For several minutes, they shouted at Jackson to “raise his hands and put them on his head.” After repeatedly ignoring the commands of the officers, Jackson decided to die in a blaze of glory and pulled the trigger on his weapon. He didn’t hit any of the officers but all of the officers shot him.


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