Plot to Hijack Hispanic Airwaves Reeks of Democrat Desperation


A consortium of heavy global investors, including Soros funded interests, crafted a plot to hijack 18 separate Hispanic radio stations, broadcasting to listeners from 10 markets, by simply buying them. Conservatives are crying foul, fighting back hard over a move which “reeks of desperation” to “control Latino voters who have been ditching the Democratic Party.

Plot for Spanish language control

According to former Donald Trump advisor Steve Cortes, who ran the campaign’s Hispanic Advisory Council, George Soros and his New World Order handlers are up to no good. The banking families are funneling all the cash it takes into gaining control of the Spanish language media message.

The plot calls for propaganda engineered to convince Latinos they need to keep voting Democrat. Progressives are in panic mode over “the incredible gains among Hispanics for the America First movement.” Trump had them jumping ship like lemmings.

The insidious plot is meant to target moderate Latinos who believe in things like the immigration laws. They were left behind when progressives made all the big policy decisions. “The radicalism of the Democrats today has effectively left formerly Dem-leaning Latinos as political orphans.

The Republican and Libertarian parties welcome them with open arms. “Hispanics increasingly rally to the America First combination of cultural conservatism plus patriotic populist economics.

The plot to snap up Hispanic radio stations is laser focused on ones inside the United States. What the global elite are trying to put together is a “Latino Media Network.

Each and every one of the 18 stations will broadcast exactly what the bigwigs in Brussels tell them to broadcast.

Democrats miss good old days

A big pile of the money for the plot was shoveled in by Lakestar Finance, described as “an investment group affiliated with Soros Fund Management.” If the Soros name is on it, then global bankers are behind it, whether George is in the picture or not.

He’s trying to live a retired life and his son is in charge of his interests. The whole open societies group of foundations has been in chaos for over a year, with nobody filling the coffers full of grant money like in the days before Trump was defeated.

The plot to take over network control of the Latin American message hasn’t been granted the final seals of approval yet. “The deal is pending regulatory approval but is expected to close later this year, giving new management plenty of time to make changes ahead of the 2024 election.” ¡Ay, caramba!”

All the open borders one world government money will be managed by “Jess Morales Rocketto, a former Hillary for America and AFL-CIO employee, and Stephanie Valencia, a former White House staffer during the Obama administration.

Their plot really gets scary when they brag that “their purchase across the multitude of media markets will give them ‘access to one-third of the Hispanic population‘ within the U.S.,” Axios reports. Marco Rubio is already on record complaining about the sneaky move.

A front group led by left wing operatives & financed by Soros linked money is buying up Spanish language radio stations because they still don’t realize that the reason why they are bleeding Hispanic support isn’t ‘misinformation‘ it’s their socialism.


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