Officials Outside of the U.S. are Now Issuing Warnings About Our Southern Border


Top officials of Central American governments are getting really ticked off at the way His Wisdom Joe Biden sticks his head in the sand and ignores the whole border crisis mess. The foreign minister for Panama, Erika Mouynes, has some harsh words for Kamala Harris and the Imperial Palace. The Border Czarina and Biden need to get their act together quick. They also need to do something about the red carpet welcome they’re giving every illegal immigrant who wants to come across. They’re inviting terrorists along for the ride.

Officials are concerned

Officials of Central and South American countries are more worried about terrorists sneaking across our border, disguised as harmless illegal alien fieldworkers, than Joe Biden is. Panama’s foreign minister wrote a lengthy article for Foreign Policy magazine and Erika Mouynes didn’t pull any punches when she smacked Kamala Harris around for her inaction and deceit.

Harris, she says, “is ignoring a key aspect of the migrant crisis.” She refuses to acknowledge that “terrorists and extremists attempt to pass through” Panama every single day and it’s only getting worse.

Conservative Republican officials here at home have been trying to get something done by “censuring” Joe Biden for his role in the plot. “Biden’s border crisis” all started “when the Biden regime began rolling back President Trump’s firm and effective border policies,” Lauren Boebert declared.

Ms. Mouynes was miffed that Kamala snubber her on the recent Palace junket south of the border. She managed to visit Mexico and Guatemala but ignored Panama where an “unprecedented number of migrants” try to survive the “treacherous” jungle area around the Darién Gap.

The worst part is that the record numbers of migrants are a perfect disguise for terrorists.

Latin American officials are begging Biden to strengthen “visa requirements and background checks” because “A vast number of migrants crossing the Darién started their journey in South America, arriving through ports of entry in countries where visa requirements are less strict.” That’s not a good thing.

Not permitted in the first place

According to Minister Mouynes, it’s a confirmed fact that “members of terrorist organizations and sanctioned parties have found their way into Panama, where they are not permitted to enter in the first place.”

The officials can be so sure because “Panama’s biometric identification measures have recognized and detained individuals linked to extremist groups attempting to pass through the country with migrants.” They wonder why Biden won’t use gear like that.

The next demand officials have for America is to start cooperating to “control the flow of migration.” Our wide open borders are sucking them in from everywhere and it’s overwhelming the smuggling routes.

Panama just cut a deal with Columbia to share information to “monitor the flows of migrants headed for the Darién Gap.” Right now, “more than 1,000 migrants arrive in Panama every day from Colombia, and only 50 to 100 are allowed to proceed into Costa Rica.” Even so, they can’t resist the tide for long.

This situation, Latin officials complain, is “untenable.” They’re being flooded with unprecedented numbers of migrants from Haiti, Cuba, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.”

Each and every one are headed to the United States and Canada. The Latino government ministers report that an average “of 20,000 people enter Panama by foot through the Darién Gap annually.” Since Biden took charge, these “numbers have spiked significantly.”


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