New Hunter Biden Ties Revealed


Hunter Biden may have been a crackhead but that didn’t stand in his way of networking with “nearly a dozen current and former officials serving in the White House and Biden administration.” The playboy’s contact list is a who’s who of Washington. For instance, national security adviser Jake Sullivan and Secretary of State Antony Blinken are on it. He’s allegedly now a starving artist but Hunter’s logged a decade of experience reportedly “selling access to his father.” For millions.

Hunter has powerful friends

Hunter Biden is a lot better connected than anyone would have imagined. With him being automatically exonerated of any crime he ever even thought of committing, the American public is learning just how much influence he has. Fox News staff did an “analysis” which “reveals the extent of Hunter’s potential reach in the White House.

The one and only court appearance to make his sweetheart plea deal of the century official is currently set for July 26. Congress is screaming at the DOJ to slow down the weaponization. If they don’t, it virtually proves the corruption of Merrick Garland, Christopher Wray and David Weiss, just to name a few.

Weiss, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware, led the Hunter Biden non-investigation and now stands accused of “improper retaliation against whistleblowers.” They went public to reveal the probe was “influenced by politics” and that Weiss was “hamstrung when making prosecutorial decisions.” He denies his hands were tied.

He had no intention of charging anyone named Biden with anything to begin with. His assistant prosecutor Derek Hines is a close friend of the Biden Family DOJ mole, “One Eye.” Former FBI Director Louis Freeh allegedly tipped off the Biden family Chinese connections off to a federal investigation, for a steep fee.

Fox staff discovered ties between Hunter Biden and “two members of Biden’s Cabinet and one former Cabinet member, a top aide to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, a national security adviser, five top Biden White House aides, and a top Biden campaign aide who is currently on leave from her role as a communications director for first lady Jill Biden.

They name names. Topping the list is Jake Sullivan.

List of contacts

Jake Sullivan is the national security adviser who goes on TV to deny everything that the Biden administration gets accused of botching which pertains to the alphabet agencies of the foreign and domestic spy communities and secret police. Two years before he became part of the Biden machine with a role in the campaign back in 2020, Sullivan served with Hunter on the Truman National Security Project, described as “a liberal foreign policy think tank.” That’s also when Biden was being paid $1 million a year to sit on the board of Burisma.

At the time, he was also part of “Chinese private equity fund BHR Partners.” Gal Luft came forward to expose “One Eye” as part of the BHR deal. Luft is now being charged with heavy federal charges over it but Hunter’s involvement continues to get a free pass. Sullivan has been specifically named as “a ‘conspirator‘ in the Biden family’s ‘kickback scheme‘ in Ukraine when Biden was vice president.

Before Secretary of State Antony Blinken became responsible for the botched Saigon-like bug out from Afghanistan, he had to help get Joe elected. That’s why he came up with the spies who lied letter to debunk Hunter Biden’s since authenticated laptop. The one which both the FBI and David Weiss refused to investigate.

Before that, he was secretly in communication on a seemingly regular basis. To hide the relationship, which he denied under oath to Congress, Blinky used his wife, Evan Ryan, as a cutout. She’s another beltway mover and shaker who’s on Hunter’s speed dial.

Some other close friends of Biden in high government places are White House chief of staff Jeff Zients, who “met Hunter multiple times in 2016.” Kathy Chung is currently serving as the Pentagon’s deputy director of protocol. She “communicated frequently with Hunter when she was serving as Biden’s executive assistant during the Obama administration.

In fact, emails “showed that Hunter recommended Chung for the executive assistant role when the previous holder of the job, Michele Smith, departed the White House in the spring of 2012.” Former White House chief of staff, Ron Klain, who stepped down in February, “reached out to Hunter for help in raising $20,000 for the Vice President’s Residence Foundation,” telling him to “keep this low low key” to prevent “bad PR.


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