Email LEAKED… Obama Officials IMPLICATED


As most of you know, there are significant ties between the Biden administration and the Obama administration.

Not so shockingly, many of the people that helped Joe Biden with Hunter during the Obama years are now holding high-profile positions within the Biden administration.

That would include Mark Gitenstein, the U.S. ambassador to the EU.

What’s Going on Here

There has always been the question as to why Hunter Biden has not been arrested and charged for not reporting as a foreign agent.

After all, this was a key charge that several former Trump staffers and allies were hit with and went to jail, most notably Paul Manafort.

Emails that were recently discovered now tie Hunter Biden, while acting as a foreign agent, to former Obama officials.

This leak goes to the point that government resources may have been used to help Hunter help his Romanian client, Gabriel Popoviciu.

One of the key players in this little scheme was Gitenstein.

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) stated, “The Biden family needs to answer for the growing mountain of evidence suggesting they sold out their country to enrich themselves.

“Joe Biden appears very willing to pressure foreign officials and change American policy positions if his family gets paid off.

“Furthermore, the DOJ, FBI and other federal entities need to answer for their role in covering up these crimes. Until the people involved go to prison, the American people will be unable to have faith in our institutions and our democracy.”

So, we have all this evidence, which clearly shows wrongdoing, yet not a single one of these people has been brought to justice while the hammer is dropping on conservative figures, including the former president, Donald Trump.

When do we get to see justice?


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