Another Shocking Hunter Biden Bombshell Surfaced


ICYMI – Hunter Biden apparently had a cozy and intimate relationship with a “business” partner of the communist persuasion. Conservatives on the House Oversight Committee learned that the crackhead playboy’s “business partner and close personal associate,” JiaQi “Jackie” Bao, “was linked to the Communist Party of China.

Hunter tangled with China

Hunter Biden was allegedly entangled both financially and physically with a female “honey pot” working for the Pooh Bear. JiaQi Bao is a card carrying member of the Chinese Communist Party.

On Wednesday, October 26, Kentucky lawmaker James Comer wrote to Christopher Wray demanding the chief instigator fill him in on the way Ms. Bao was able to successfully infiltrate Biden family affairs. The family dealings with the Chinese Communist Party clearly jeopardize national security.

Comer has his hands on actual documents which “reveal Hunter Biden’s business partner and close personal associate was linked to the Communist Party of China, her employer before the Biden family.

She cheerfully provided the Bidens with “information on how to purchase natural gas in the U.S. and sell it to China” for fun and profit. She also “had access to the Biden family’s financial information and worked closely with CCP agents.

She seems to have had a considerable amount of influence on the Biden clan. “After infiltrating the Biden family, Bao urged Hunter to encourage Joe Biden to run for president months before he announced and then supplied the Biden family campaign advice related to China.

Apparently the communists train their spies extra-thoroughly in the physical arts.

Beyond professional obligations

The lawmakers have a pile of evidence which match up with media reports to paint a pornographic picture. It’s clear to their investigators that “Bao and Hunter’s relationship extended beyond professional obligations — a common tactic employed by Chinese intelligence agents.

That pretty much guarantees that Hunter Biden “may have been compromised by the People’s Republic of China and foreign intelligence services.” It gets worse for Joe Biden. “Due to the interconnected nature of the Biden family’s finances and business dealings, this type of access would jeopardize U.S. national security.

It seems that nobody in charge of vetting foreign visitors noticed that Ms. Bao got her degree at Tsinghua University, well known as a “recruiting hub for China’s intelligence service.” After missing that clue, they ignored her resume entry about working for “the PRC’s National Development and Reform Commission.” Biden didn’t care because she had other “skills.

More documents prove “that Bao, who was working with employees linked to the CCP, connected with Hunter once he started communicating with CEFC China Energy, a top Chinese energy company.” Her job, she explained to him in one email, “is to make sure our interest is protected.

Bao gave Biden “maps of gas producing areas within the U.S.” then helped “execute financial transactions.” Everyone was happy and they were sucking up money along with all the gas. Hunter was sucking up the cocaine while Ms. Bao was sucking up on whatever made her happy. All the fun and games came to a crashing close when “the Chinese partners in the venture were arrested for bribery.

Even after that, “Bao made an effort to remain close.” The lawmakers don’t like those implications. “Bao’s efforts to remain close to the Biden family following the CEFC venture collapse raises serious concerns about Bao’s motives and plans with the Biden family. Specifically, did the CCP push Bao to ensure that the Bidens continued selling American LNG to China? If so, this presents an alarming national security threat.


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