Murky Swamp: Podesta Saga


They wanted to spy on their users and still do, so they recruited nefarious Clinton “fixer” Tony Podesta. Communist “tech giant” Huawei was heavily sanctioned by the Trump administration for building secret back doors into their equipment. They think Tony will convince Imperial Leader Joe Biden to see things their way.

China taps into Podesta power

While Once and Future President Donald Trump has been temporarily exiled to Florida, the Chinese are getting dangerously sneaky. They think if the Podesta family crime syndicate can get away with spying on Donald Trump they should have all the resources and connections they need to help the Chinese spy on everyone who uses Huawei equipment. They’re probably right too. As reported by The Federalist, the Democrat lobbyist “is joining Huawei, a Chinese firm known for kowtowing to nations adversarial to the U.S. and maintaining close relations with the Chinese Communist Party.”

He’s coming on board “as a consultant to help the tech giant push an agenda on the Biden administration.” Tony’s real good at pushing Joe Biden around. He’s been doing it for decades.

The Uranium One powered lobbyist has already oozed up out of the murky swamp to lead the far-left radical tentacle of the Democrat party into battle against global warming. Centrist DINOs keep dragging their feet over drastic liberal schemes to prevent climate change. The palace recently appointed a special team to tackle global warming, packed with high profile progressives including Deb Haaland, the first Native American interior secretary.

When American Prospect was hyping the panel, to insurrectionist Antifa® brand liberals, they practically gushed with praise to announce the panel’s chief adviser. They just had “to mention the presence of one of the most influential and important members of the Democratic inner circle, someone at the heart of practically everything in the party for the past 30 years even though he sometimes gets forgotten”

He’s in the middle of everything alright. “It was Podesta’s email in-box, of course, that got released in the WikiLeaks hack in 2016,” they write. That lead to things like “Pizzagate.” The liberals love to tell everyone how he “bounced between Capitol Hill, the White House, and K Street in the 1980s and 1990s, as the Podesta Group (co-founded with his brother) became one of the most important lobbying firms in the country.”

That was because Tony “served as chief of staff to Bill Clinton and chief counselor, kind of a shadow chief of staff role, to Barack Obama. He chaired the Obama-Biden transition; he chaired Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and spoke in her stead on election night.” When she lost. The brothers also hired Christopher Steele through Fusion GPS.

Signature think tank

Somewhere along the line, Tony found time to create “the signature government-in-waiting think tank for mainstream Democrats, the Center for American Progress.”

The liberal outlet notes, “There’s almost nobody in a major position of power within the party without a few degrees of separation with” the powerful lobbyist. For instance, “Neera Tanden, Biden’s choice for budget director, is the head of the think tank Podesta founded.”

It’s no surprise to anyone inside the beltway that the “Podesta seal of approval” is intended to “confer progressive bona fides on nominees,” no matter which brother it comes from.

According to Jennifer Epps-Addison with the Center for Popular Democracy, “Tanden was chosen because she was a progressive ‘movement leader,’ which really misreads the moment and only makes sense if you classify ‘movement leader as ‘recommended by John Podesta.'”

Conservatives like to point out that “his climate advocacy helps obscure his previous tenure in the Podesta Group, a lobbying firm at the center of indictments from the Mueller investigation, so much so that it had to be shut down.” Then there is that troubling business in the Ukraine.

As reported by NBC, in September of 2019, “federal prosecutors have ended an investigation into Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta and former Rep. Vin Weber, R-Minn., in a case connected to lobbying for Ukraine.” Unsurprisingly, no criminal charges were filed.


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