China Just Got Away With Targeting a Top Trump Official


Anything America can do, China can do too. Imperial leader Joe Biden and Emperor Xi Jinping are getting ready for an upcoming diplomatic conference by pulling down their zippers. They both whipped out what they have to show and started an international pissing contest. Former Trump Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and six other Americans got caught in the golden shower, along with seven others on the Chinese side.

China slaps selective sanctions

The whole charade boils down to an upcoming meeting scheduled between the U.S. and China to talk about the pressing economic issues. One of “Biden’s most-trusted diplomats,” deputy secretary of state Wendy Sherman, is on the hot-seat.

Ma Ji, at Peking University’s school of transnational law, points out that “Washington has reiterated that Sherman’s visit and talk with the Chinese side will be from ‘a position of strength’, but Beijing may want to remind [the Biden administration] that they are equals.” They found a way to do it and Wilbur Ross got caught in the cross fire.

It all started in June when the palace issued sanctions “against seven Chinese officials who were deemed behind Hong Kong’s eroding rule of law.” Xi Jinping doesn’t like that. No matter how free Hong Kong citizens act, they’re still Chinese and it’s a touchy subject for the Pooh Bear.

“The situation in Hong Kong is continuing to deteriorate,” Official Palace Press Minister Jen Psaki notes. “The risks faced in mainland China are now increasingly present in Hong Kong.” Risks like “the crackdown on freedom of speech, freedom of media, a crackdown on — on human rights activists in Hong Kong.”

China says okay, two can play that game. On Friday, July 23, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian announced sanctions against seven Americans including former Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. Carolyn Bartholomew, Jonathan Stivers, and Hyungmo Kim were also targeted. Rounding out the list are Adam King, Sophie Richardson, and Hong Kong’s Democracy Council.

“Of course, none of those targeted are in Biden’s inner circle, which means that Beijing still wants to continue the conversation with Washington.” Ma also adds, “by issuing this list shortly before Sherman’s visit, Beijing clearly intends to reduce her expectations.”

An ant shaking a large tree

Minister Zhao says the mainland feels the U.S. sanctions are “illegal” and “a serious violation of international law.” Hong Kong is part of their “Special Administrative Region” which means that “its affairs are an integral part” of the internal affairs in China.

Any attempt by external forces to interfere in Hong Kong’s affairs would be as futile as an ant trying to shake a big tree.” When Antony Blinken sent out a tweet on Friday, it must have cheesed off one of the party bigwigs.

China, Blinken tweeted, “must not suppress rights and freedoms. We’ll continue to speak out for Hong Kong and promote accountability for Beijing’s broken promises and repressive acts.” Piss off, the Communists replied.

The retaliatory sanctions on Ross and his friends prompted the “U.S State, Treasury, Homeland Security and Commerce departments” to issue a “joint advisory.” The “growing risks associated with actions undertaken” by the Chinese “could adversely impact U.S. companies that operate in Hong Kong.”

Joe Biden and his handlers at the palace started the tit-for-tat sanctions by hitting a target near Xi’s heart, Hong Kong’s political overseers.

Chen Dong, Yang Jianping, Qiu Hong, Lu Xinning, Tan Tieniu, He Jing, and Yin Zonghua, are described as “Deputy Directors of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.” China considers them heroes for holding the line against freedom and democracy.


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