Murky Details Arise…Who Did It, and How Did They Do it?


Slowly, details are surfacing out of the murky darkness of Iran. Yet another of their key generals bit the dust, reports admit. According to “local officials and reports,” A senior Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps commander was whacked in “an airstrike over the weekend in Syria.”

Details of a second assassination

It’s looking more and more like President Donald Trump, with a little help from his allies in Israel, is taking action in Iran calculated to dare the Ayatollah into doing something about it.

The whole world considers Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a “Foreign Terrorist Organization.” Eliminating their leaders does everyone a favor. Tehran is hesitant to share the details of what happened, with officials saying they “could not confirm the identity of the commander.”

Saudi Arabia based al-Arabiya News clarifies that “a drone killed Muslim Shahdan, a senior commander in the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, in a targeted strike on his car,” claiming to get the story from The Times of Israel who “did not say who was behind the strike, which reportedly happened early Sunday or late Saturday.”

Some details have been confirmed by Iraqi security though. Local militia officials relate that the target “was killed alongside three other men traveling in a vehicle with him,” and that “the vehicle was carrying weapons across the Iraqi border and was hit after it had entered Syrian territory.”

Even though the details are still sketchy, Aviv Kohavi, who serves as Israel’s Defense Forces chief, explains that Israel would “continue to operate forcefully as needed against the Iranian entrenchment in Syria and we will continue to maintain full preparedness against any expression of violence against us.”

It’s starting to look like Israel is laying the groundwork for something bigger on the close horizon.

Lebanon denies everything

In Lebanon, their Al-Mayadeen TV channel, “which is close to the Syrian government and Hezbollah” is denying everything, claiming “that there was no assassination of an IRGC commander.”

There may not be many details but there are enough floating around to dispute that claim, even coming from official Iranian sources. The denial and secrecy about the identity confirms a key player was just neutralized.

Just last week Israel was blamed for the hit on Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. There are lots of details available on that one.

“Driving a carefully circuitous route to the home of his in-laws in a city outside Tehran, Mr. Fahrizadeh’s car was stopped Friday by a car bomb in a Nissan so laden with explosives that it knocked out a power line.”

Right after the blast, “A squad of gunmen then leapt from a black S.U.V., overpowered his bodyguards and unleashed a barrage of gunfire before speeding away as Mr. Fakhrizadeh lay dying in the street.”

Even with all the details on the first assassination that are available, there are variations on the theme coming from official sources in the regime.

For instance, Iranian news denies reports that there were “operatives that opened fire on the vehicle.” Instead, they claim that “the shots were fired from an automatic machine gun which was mounted on the pickup truck and operated by remote control.”



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