MSM Heavily Focused on the Skin Color of Biden Picks, While Fawning Over the Deep State

Biden Harris Administration cabinet picks

Joe Biden is assembling one of the most radical Left-wing cabinets in American history. The mainstream media is praising Biden for surrounding himself with a diverse group of women and minorities. One of their top priorities will be addressing “racial inequality.”

Diverse group of Socialists

The Democrats are waging war on “toxic masculinity” and “White supremacy.” One of their first moves was to pressure Joe Biden into picking a diverse group of radical Left-wing women and minorities for his administration. On Monday, Biden announced Janet Yellen as his pick for treasury secretary.

Yellen, if confirmed by the Senate, would be the first woman to serve as treasury secretary, after breaking ground as the first woman to chair the Federal Reserve from 2014 to 2018.

Cecilia Rouse was named as the chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, making her the first Black woman to lead the CEA in its 74-year existence.

Neera Tanden, another raging Left-wing Socialist, would be the first Indian-American to serve as director of the Office of Management and Budget. Tanden recently deleted more than 1,000 tweets from her account in a desperate attempt to hide her scathing hatred for Republican lawmakers. Now she’s hoping the Senate will approve her, but the internet is forever.

Biden Harris cabinet picks

Biden will grow government

Biden chose Wally Adeymo to be Yellen’s deputy, which would make him the first Black deputy treasury secretary. Rouse, Tanden and Adeyemo will require Senate confirmation.

Now all eyes are on the Georgia Senate run-offs coming on January 5th. Republicans must win at least one of those seats to keep the majority.

If Republicans lose one seat in the Senate, the Democrats will have control of all branches of Government and they will be able to pass any big spending progressive legislation they want. They will surely destroy the country for good.

Biden has an ambitious Liberal agenda. Amnesty for 11 million illegal immigrants, creating even more Democrat voters.

Drastically raising taxes in order to fund their climate change initiative and battle racial inequality. He also wants to ban “assault rifles” and high capacity magazines.

Now American patriots wait to see the outcome of Trump’s lawsuits in key battleground states as well as the results of the Georgia Senate race.


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