Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward sent GOP staff trotting off to the courthouse to beat the Wednesday filing deadline. She’s asking a judge to invalidate the fraudulent election decision and “declare the election results that gave the state’s 11 electoral votes to Joe Biden are void.” Not only that, the numbers don’t add up. Frantic officials have an explanation, of sorts.

Invalidate the illegal decision

According to local Tucson news, the head of the Republican Party in the state of Arizona wants the court to declare the election results that gave the state’s 11 electoral votes to Joe Biden are void.

Kelli Ward filed an action to invalidate the results late Wednesday. Her pleadings claim the system used in Arizona to check signatures on mail-in ballots failed. Biased poll workers didn’t provide “sufficient safeguards” to verify the ballots came from actual, legally registered voters.

Arizona requires observers to inspect the counting process in the interest of transparency. As alleged by the Republican lawsuit, “observers were unable to see the process from where they were placed.”

Another issue questions ballots which were damaged before processing. Nobody verified that the replacement ballot fed into the system matched the votes on the original. Fairness and transparency should invalidate the fraudulent decision based on bogus ballots.

As Dr. Ward expressed in her lawsuit, “the process for dealing with damaged ballots did not result in them being accurately recorded.” For relief, she requests “a court to order production of a reasonable sampling of the signatures on the ballot envelopes so they can be compared to signatures on file.”

Arizona citizens agree that is a perfectly reasonable request. Ward explains that her ultimate goal is to invalidate the premature call for Biden.

Set aside the results of the election

The “real goal” Ward admits, is “to have the court set aside the results of the election.” There are two ways the court could invalidate the Biden call.

First, a reasonable judge could conclude that because of all the problems, “the result of the election is fundamentally unknown.” That would nullify the whole thing right there. As argued in the suit, it “would require voiding the election.”

Luckily, conservatives control the Arizona Legislature so if a court agrees with that first point, they will likely ratify it by declaring “which slate of electors won: those pledged to Biden or those pledged to President Trump.”

The other option to invalidate the count hinges on a judge ruling that Trump votes were shifted to Biden.

Separately, another challenge popped up which could invalidate the Arizona election. In Greenlee County, there were initial reports that 6,000 “fake votes” were found in Arizona.

That’s not quite right and not quite wrong either. State analyst Garrett Archer found a “counting error which temporarily showed the county reporting 22,110 votes instead of 3,723.” That stood out like a neon sign because the county only has 8,437 people living there.

They skate around the attempted fraud by pointing out that it was caught. “This is why the word unofficial is in marquis letters on all state election reporting sites.”


  1. Given that rampant fraud on the part of the democrats has been proven, Donald Trump must be installed as POTUS by default. Does this nation really want or need a leader who had to resort to fraud and cheating to win an election?

  2. please God, show how much the demoncraps cheated, lied, stole elections…May the SC rules in Trump’s favor…this is beyond ridiculous

  3. So good to hear! Everyone should be happy to see this unfair election exposed and the prosecution of fraudulent voters! Voter ID and strong enforcement of election laws are a must!

  4. Biden admitted to FRAUD back in October … here is his exact words !

    “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”
    – Joe Biden, October 24, 2020


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