Iran DEMANDS Reparations from Biden Because Trump STOPPED Them from Blowing Up the World


The Ayatollah is so convinced that Iran has Joe Biden under their thumb, he’s virtually demanding reparations because Donald Trump stopped the regime from gaining the ability to blow up the world. They want their sanctions money back, pronto. They’re positive that Biden will pick up right where Barack Obama left off.

Iran wants Obama back

Iran expects Imperial Leader Joe Biden to go straight back to airlifting pallets of cash but he hasn’t been getting with the program. To give him a poke, the Persians started waving their fists in the air on television.

Biden got his nose a little brown when he took the Houthis over in Yemen off of the terror list, but they want more. The Ayatollah wants to feel Joe’s tongue tickling his prostate.

According to White House spokesunit Jen Psaki, “Biden is very passionate about foreign relations.”

He’s already “snubbed our allies in Israel and Saudi Arabia.” Some say it was only to send a message to “the brutal state sponsor of terrorism” that he’s ready to get back into bed with Iran.

Barack Obama made a deal with the devils in January of 2016 to get some American Hostages back. In exchange for “four American hostages held in Tehran,” Obama handed over $1,299,999,999.87, starting with $400 million in foreign currencies which was secretly sent to Iran in the dead of night on a cargo plane.”

It arrived on schedule and the thanks we got were chants of “Death to America.”

Compensation for the damage

Iran is convinced that Biden will support “compensation” for the “damage” from sanctions imposed by the Trump administration. He stopped them from blowing up the world so now America will PAY! They also want to leverage their “nuclear accomplishments and gain additional ones.”

On top of that, the theocracy “is demonstrating, through the launch of ballistic missiles, its ability to make long-range rockets, and it is conducting shows of conventional military strength.” Seizing oil tankers for fun was just a way to blow off steam.

Hard data for all these reports comes from Memri, a heavy hitting analyst firm. They recently reported that “Iran has been implementing a policy of ‘maximum/wise resistance,’ manifested in ‘maximum pressure’ on the U.S. and the international community in a range of arenas.”

They explain “this policy is aimed at causing the Biden administration to lift all sanctions on Iran and compensate it for the damage they caused.”

The regime also plots to “leverage Iran’s nuclear accomplishments to date to gain additional ones.” That way they can “have Iran recognized as a nuclear threshold state with the ability to produce a nuclear bomb within a short time, in order to move towards a nuclear balance of terror in the Middle East.”

The reason they are so confidant that Biden will play ball is because “the Obama administration recognized Iran’s right to enrich uranium with a full nuclear fuel cycle, and now the Biden administration can be led to consent to a nuclear balance of terror in the Middle East, as part of which Iran will have nuclear weapons for “defensive purposes.”


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