Mayorkas Lied…Evidence Has Surfaced


Senator Josh Hawley raised the the senate roof on Wednesday over the way Domestic Security Minister Alejandro Mayorkas lied about his pet “disinformation board.” He didn’t flat out lie but was carefully misleading.

Disinformation board evidence surfaced

On Wednesday, November 30, conservative Republican Missouri Senator Josh Hawley got his hands on evidence about the Biden regime’s planned “Disinformation Governance Board.” It instantly sent his blood pressure skyrocketing.

These freshly obtained documents appear to contradict sworn testimony Mayorkas gave in May. He couldn’t wait to send a letter to DHS demanding answers. He made it open to the public.

As Hawley writes, the controversial panel had “plans” to partner with the social media giants and their plot was “far more extensive” than anyone had revealed before. The senator thought the things he and Iowa Senator Charles Grassley had obtained earlier were shocking. They had a whistleblower outline the “scope” of the committee.

Back in May, Mayorkas testified under oath that “the board has not yet met.” He wasn’t quite lying. The pre-board “steering group” had been meeting on a weekly basis since February 4. Mayorkas didn’t bother to mention that, even though the meetings seem a lot like the official versions to any layperson.

That isn’t all about what he’s just reading which makes Hawley see red. “Big Tech was more deeply involved in censorship activities than previously thought.” They apparently had a cozy little undercover relationship going on behind the scenes. Recently disclosed evidence indicates that “the Disinformation Board planned to meet with Nathaniel Gleicher of Meta, who headed the company’s security policy during the suppression of The New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story.

Everyone on the conservative side of the aisle is screaming about that story. It threw the results of the 2020 election into legal limbo and gives President Donald Trump grounds to demand his rightful restoration to power.

Government controlling the narrative

Globalist handlers of Joe Biden had social media by the throat with specific intent to control the media narrative. They purposefully hid the truth from the American public in order to sway the results of a presidential election. Allegedly, not for the first time.

For a brief period, the board had Nina Jankowicz for an Executive Director. Hawley just learned that she “pushed for DHS to establish an ‘analytic exchange‘ with ‘industry partners” and thinks that was “so that Big Tech companies could coordinate ‘speech suppression‘ with the government.

The board, he writes direct to Mayorkas with poison dripping from every letter, “continued your blatant attempt to avoid transparency and sidestep congressional oversight.

The documents you turned over to my office, six months after I requested them, are so heavily redacted most are illegible.” Merrick Garland seems to have stock in the company making their industrial grade black magic markers.

Six months ago, Hawley demanded “that Mayorkas hand over all documents produced to Congress as well as records responsive to his previous oversight requests.” He’s just now getting some crumbs with clues about what the board was really up to.

As promised, “he will be releasing all of the documents in his possession.” Just like Elon Musk is doing with the same records from his end, “so Americans can judge for themselves [Biden Administration] efforts to censor speech.


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