Massive HACK Revealed… China Just…

Biden Xi China

If anyone but Joe Biden was president right now, there would be a subject blowing up the headlines over every major media outlet.

That subject would be sanctions being weighed against the Chinese.

This would be happening due to a massive hack that has been reported that allegedly was done by agents linked to the Chinese government.

It Was China

Just a few days ago, there was a massive breach of email accounts of dozens of organizations.

Among them were some notable government agencies, including the State Department.

The hacker group is allegedly tied to the Chinese government.

The group took advantage of a Microsoft vulnerability to carry out the attack.

This was a major breach, yet the Biden administration is downplaying it and Biden himself has not even mentioned it, let alone threatening action against the Chinese.

Congressional Democrats expressed concern, but I did not see anyone apply pressure to Biden to take action against the Chinese.

Chinese officials are playing coy, asking the US to supply it with all the information it has about the hack so they can hold the parties responsible accountable.

Let me ask you this… if Trump or any Republican was in the White House right now, do you think China would be getting away with this?


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