Watch as Terrorist Mob Takes Over the Streets


As the conflict in the Middle East continues to intensify, protests across the world have raged on, some growing increasingly violent. Such was the case on Sunday, October 22, when a pro-Palestinian mob took over a Minneapolis highway.

The pro-Palestine mob took over a street in Minneapolis and terrorized an elderly driver. The mob blocked traffic for several hours on Hennepin Avenue near the Walker Art Center according to Crime Watch Minneapolis.

Video shows that they surrounded his white sedan, beat on it, and chased him down before pepper-spraying him. Woke Minnesota City Council candidate Zach Metzger was among those who blocked the highway and harassed the elderly victim.

According to police dispatch obtained by Crime Watch Minneapolis, at least two MPD supervisors told police to stay away from the area even though there were reports of shots fired.

Metzger posted video of himself and others terrorizing the elderly victim to social media then instructed his followers to find him before deleting it. This kind of behavior is not only shameful but also illegal; it’s a clear indication of how far some people are willing to go for their cause without any regard for other citizens or basic respect for law enforcement officers doing their job.

It’s also concerning that two MPD supervisors reportedly ordered police officers to stay away from the scene – this could be interpreted as condoning violence and intimidating peaceful protesters which would be completely unacceptable.

The situation in Minneapolis highlights how important it is for authorities to remain vigilant when faced with civil unrest so that order can be restored without resorting to unnecessary violence or excessive force against peaceful protesters or innocent bystanders who might get caught up in such chaotic situations.

Minneapolis police issued a statement regarding the incident:

“”At approximately 3:23 p.m. on Sunday, officers from the Minneapolis Police Department responded to multiple reports of disturbances surrounding a demonstration near Loring Park, the Walker Art Center and the convergence of Hennepin Ave. and Lyndale Ave. Various witnesses reported a vehicle driving through the crowd, and one caller reported the sound of a gunshot. At this time, there have been no reports of injuries related to the demonstration, and no victims have come forward,” the police department said in response.”


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