Obama’s Ex Spills The Beans


It is no secret that former President Barack Obama had some romantic relationships during his time in office, but what may come as a surprise are the details contained in those letters.

A recent interview with biographer David Garrow reveals that one of Obama’s then-girlfriends, Alex McNear, showed him redacted letters from Obama in which he allegedly mentioned having fantasies of homosexual relations.

Garrow also revealed that another girlfriend, Genevieve Cook, kept a journal while dating Obama and another who wrote love letters to him–Sheila Miyoshi Jager–but their content has not been released and may never be seen by the public.

Garrow’s revelations about Barack Obama’s romantic relationships have caused concern among many Americans as they help shed light on his attitudes toward certain issues, specifically Jewish people.

Though Garrow states he has never seen any evidence of personal animus towards individual Jews from Obama, his sourness toward Israel and denial of American exceptionalism hint at underlying discomfort with the idea of Jewish group survival and continuing insistence on Jewish historical particularity.

These claims become more concerning when coupled with the fact that Jager’s grandparents were members of the Dutch resistance and recognized by Yad Vashem for sheltering a Jewish child for three years.

Her account would likely be more reliable than Obama’s own recollection on such matters.

Though it remains unclear whether or not these unredacted letters will ever see the light of day due to potential destruction by Barack himself, it is clear that there are troubling elements within them concerning his attitude toward Jews which could potentially damage his legacy further if made public.

It is possible this information alone should make Americans question their opinion on him even further.


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